Sunday, June 1, 2008

Worry about "The Princess"

During our visit with "The Princess" today, we were concerned that she wasn't feeling well. She just didn't look like she felt well and had hiccups, was burping and then would fall asleep and get fussy and cry. It was much like she had tummy problems. When it was time to eat, she didn't want to and spit her food back out which was odd for the champion eater that she normally is.

I spoke with Aliya this evening and she said she would have Ludmilla call tomorrow, but that it was most likely the fact that they changed her formula to the new that we bought. We were told what kind to get her -- a Nestle NAN brand -- as it has more nutrients and things that she needs. However, I remember how hard it was on Josh back when he was a little one, if his formula was changed. I feel so bad for her. I know she needs more nutrients, but I hate that it's upsetting her tummy.

Hopefully, this will be a quick transition for her and will be better for her in the long run. She was still a stunning little thing even when she was fussy. I can't wait to bring her home!!


Lori said...

I hope the wee royal one's tummy feels better. How sweet is it though, that she wanted you at the time you had normally beencoming? So many prayers coming her (and your) way for recovery and comfort!

Jeanne said...

Hope your little darling is feeling better soon! I'm sure they will take good care of her.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Emmerson had problems when I attempted to change her formula. I ended up having to do a mix of formulas to ease her into it over many weeks. But I know that others have gone "cold turkey" and after just a few days, the little tummy is doing just fine. I'm sure Ellie will be fine in just a couple of days, if not sooner. And there are such big benefits from your formula switch - just keep that in mind. It's not really doing her any harm; it's just causing some gas, and infants are uncomfortable with the sensations of gas, even if it doesn't cause them actual pain. You probably know all this from Josh, but it's stuff I am continuing to learn! :-) When will you actually be able to bring Ellie home? I seem to have missed that. I have a bag of clothes but I' m not sure they'll fit when you finally bring her home.

Jackie said...

Maria, I tried to give Nola the Nestle NAN and she wouldn't have it (on our pick-up trip). I ended up keeping her on the blue boxed formula they fed her in the orphanage until I got home. That said, I am sure she is just getting adjusted to the new formula and I hope by your next visit she is feeling better :)

Terri said...

oh...sweet baby. If she were home..and that small, she would be on Neosure (higher calorie formula for preemies). I hope she adjusts quickly..or they decided to just switch her back if she's not tolerating it well.
Thinking of you daily! Give the princess a kiss from her admirer in South TN! :)