Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Princess Feels Better

We were happy to find that the princess was feeling much better today. She started her 30 days of "Baby Massage" yesterday and we got to watch her today. It was a RIOT. She was moaning and squeaking and just looked "most" happy -- like a princess should. The best thing was we got to see her "unbundled". She truly is a tiny little peanut. She is, however, developing some "mondo" cheeks. I can't wait to see what she will look like when we return. I'm going to BEG every family who travels over to take photos of her so I can see if her cheeks keep getting bigger. :-)

She was wearing a 3 months outfit that SWALLOWS her up. Her newborn diapers -- way too big. I told Kevin I see a trip to Once Upon a Child in my near future to get some clothes small enough for her. I have nothing that small. I was so not prepared to get one so tiny. Not a complaint, mind you -- easier to carry and snuggle!! She loves to snuggle and if I put her in a football carry (sideways), she just snuggles right up and puts her hand on my shirt, locks her fingers around it and goes to sleep. It breaks my heart to have to miss two months of this. But, we have no other choice.

We fed her today and she was eating like a champion again. Another parent who was there visiting her son gave us the CUTEST pair of sunglasses and she was SO cute in them!!! I SO wish I could post photos of her here!!

I can't believe the blessing that God has bestowed on us in this child. I remember sobbing, literally, so many days thinking this was just never going to happen for us. I remember asking God WHY it was taking SO LONG. There were days I was so ready to throw in the towel and just forget the whole thing. But look what we would have missed -- her. She literally is everything I prayed for all those years. There are things about her that I specifically asked God for and I can already see that He has granted every request so far. I cannot doubt that He has provided the child that is just right for our family. And we are all in love with her. When we each tell you we are ready to come home, we truly are, but I know each of us will have a little piece of our heart missing each day from 10-12 thinking about the time we got to spend with her. We know, though, it is just a small, small amount of time in comparison to the lifetime of smiles, laughter and fun we will all have together as a family. Thank you, God, for answering my prayers, for bringing our family across the globe to find a daughter who is the perfect match for our family. I pray that you continue to make those perfect matches for those families who continue to wait.

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