Monday, June 23, 2008

Princess Ellie has her own book series

A friend I met through adoption, Julie, emailed me tonight to let me know that "The Princess" apparently has her own book series. It is a series written by Diana Kimpton, a British author, who wrote the Pony Mad Princess series. In the U.S., the series is called the Pony Crazed Princess. It includes such books as:

Princess Ellie's Snowy Ride
Princess Ellie's Summer Vacation
Princess Ellie's Treasure Hunt
Princess Ellie to the Rescue
Princess Ellie's Camping Trip (oh, I hope hers was better than my last one!!)
Princess Ellie Takes Charge (I can see this happening!!)
Princess Ellie Solves a Mystery
Princess Ellie's Royal Jamboree
Princess Ellie's Secret Pony
Princess Ellie's Starlight Adventure
A Surprise for Princess Ellie
Princess Ellie's Christmas
Princess Ellie's Secret
Puzzle for Princess Ellie
Princess Ellie and the Moonlight Mystery
Princess Ellie's Summer Vacation (Holiday in UK)
Princess Ellie and the Enchanted Fawn

Apparently, the Princess has an exciting life. However, titles that might be more relevant to what we might experience might be:

Princess Ellie Keeps Her Parents Up all Night
Princess Ellie Throws up on her Brother
Princess Ellie Pulls the Cat's Tail
Princess Ellie Exhausted from Trying on So Many Clothes
Princess Ellie Hates Carrots
Princess Ellie Runs on the Football Field during the Game
Princess Ellie Throws a Fit in Church

You know -- some reality based books. *smile*

While I was looking at these books, I noticed the following sign:

Since I guess she's not going to be DRIVING anytime soon, I suppose we won't need this. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow "MY BOYS" come home. I have missed them terribly. Josh sounded SO tired on the phone tonight when I talked to him. Kevin says they are all so tired that if you look at them wrong, they'll cry. Oh, Joy!


Anonymous said...

WOW, I made your blog!!! How cool!! It is funny that you added your own Ellie books cuz just a few hours ago Abby got one of her very first timeouts for pulling our cat's tail! She pulled the poor cat's tail so much that his hind legs were in the air. Good thing he is so mellow... Also last night I had to continually pull her off my son's little league baseball field and eventually had to go sit on the bleachers cuz she would not stay off of the field. (I knwo you know this, but really appreciate the time before she gets mobile! In fact do not encourage her to walk at all!!)


Dee'Anna Midgett said...

That is so cute!!! We call Addie "Princess A". What ever Princess A wants or needs she gets. They are going to be so cute in school together. Also I still have those clothes if you want them. They are premie clothes and so cute. Dee'Anna

Mala said...

OHHHHHH, I like Pony-Crazy Ellie!!!!

Jackie S said...

That sign is too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

You need that sign! She needs somewhere to park her pink Barbie jeep you'll have to buy when she turns 2!