Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonsillectomy - Scheduled (again)

After two previous unsuccessful attempts (Fall Break and then Christmas break), we have scheduled Joshua's tonsillectomy. I became quite concerned yesterday when I called and was told they had NO openings because some doctor had left the practice. She "hmmmm'd" and "wellllll'd" until finally I couldn't stand it and I said, "He HAS to have these tonsils out before we go back to Kyrgyzstan to pick up his sister in August!" Now, no, I do not KNOW that we will go back in August, but the power of positive thinking has to count for SOMETHING. Then, we spent a while talking about "all that" and she said, "I have a note that there is a family who wants to re-schedule on July 9. I will call them tomorrow and see and call you back." I told her I would take whatever she could get for us.

When she called today she said, "How about Wednesday (you know, like a WEEK from today??)?" I said, "That will be fantastic." I didn't check the calendar; I don't care. He HAS to have them out. While he was at camp, he thought he had an ear infection. The doctor who looked in his ears said he did not, but that it was "awfully tight" in there and that he needed to get those tonsils and adenoids out. Yes, we've heard that before -- several times.

So, I've not told Joshua. Any suggestions on when to tell him? I'm thinking Tuesday. *smile*. He is a worrier and a fretter and if I tell him now, he'll just spend the next week worrying, alternately crying that he doesn't want to have this done, and then worrying some more. Am I doing him a disservice by telling him the day before?

I'm just glad we'll have this behind us -- another big thing marked off our list and a little man who can sleep well, not be so tired from sleeping poorly and have fewer ear and throat issues. This is not to say I won't be a wreck that day, but ..... I'm just a mom.


Hubbards said...

Our oldest child (now 18) had hers out at 11 and I only wish we had fought the drs sooner. She has been extremely healthy since then. And I think if you are saving him a few days of worrying then it's not a disservice! I will be praying for all of you.

Tina, KCMO

Allison said...

So glad to hear that you'll get this out of the way and poor Josh will feel better soon. Not to scare you, but our Monkey had his taken out last fall and it was the worst two weeks of recovery!! I hope Josh has an easier time with it. Load up on icecream and popscicles!

janiece said...

I think you are smart waiting until the day before. That's a trick I see alot of parent's do with their children. This way he won't fret for a week. He will feel so much better--and if he is a snorer this might help!

Jes said...

Poor guy - here's to a safe recovery!!!

Anonymous said...

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