Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fireflies and Bare Feet

There are few things about summertime that can bring memories of childhood flashing back like chasing fireflies. Tonight, Josh came out and said he "Needed a jar". Since it was dusk and a few days ago I had seen the first fireflies, I suspected what it might be for. When I got him a Mason jar, I asked if he would be needing holes in the top. He said yes and we poked some holes in it for "air" and headed outside. I had been cleaning my car (which could have been used as alternately a garbage dump or feeding source for third world countries) and he asked if I would "help him". I told him I didn't think I could help, but I'd come and watch. I was still wearing my clothes from the day, including some heels and it just seemed perfect to take them off and walk through the dew-laden grass. It was wonderful! I can't tell you when I've done that. It reminded me that the simple things in life are what are so important -- watching that full moon tonight while my little man ran through the yard chasing lightning bugs. He caught one. They aren't quite so plentiful yet. The cat had fun chasing him. The dog had fun running through the yard and I -- well, I had fun just being ... watching.

I've enjoyed watching Kevin and Josh working in the yard the past few nights. Josh has really enjoyed helping Kevin by mowing the yard this year. This is his first year to be allowed to use the riding mower and he does such a nice job to be learning. He helped Kevin pick up the raked piles of grass and clean the shed out. It's nice to watch Kevin teaching him how to be a man. It makes me a bit sad, to watch him growing up, but it's such a blessing to see his dad teaching him. I've seen him turn more toward Kevin in the last year -- preferring to be with him over me. That's as it should be, I suppose -- he's learning to become the man he will one day be. I'm glad he has a good role model.

I've tried to make my life, our lives, a bit less hectic since our return. I am back to work, yes, but I make sure there is time for other things. I've spent time cleaning the house, cleaning the car, chasing fireflies, loving the kitties. Tonight, Josh wanted to take the dog for a walk and I told him it was ok. Keep in mind the dog is a 115 pound lab/Rottie mix who get so excited to go for a walk he can barely contain himself from jumping and running and generally going crazy. It was funny, as soon as he came out, the doors to the car were open (remember, I'm cleaning) and he JUMPS in and sits down in the back seat. Josh and I finally had to ride him around the block, wind blowing through his snout, Josh laughing hysterically, before the dog would get out. I thought, while I was driving the dog and listening to the laughter -- THIS is what it's all about. The blessing of our trip to Kyrgyzstan has been seeing the importance of what is right now instead of what will be. We are not guaranteed a will be. We have a now. Living in the moment -- that's what's important, I think.

Fireflies, dogs, laughter, full moons, time to clean and cook, walking bare-footed through the dew -- those are what's important.

Job 8:21:
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.
Psalm 29:11:
The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.


Jeanne said...

What a lovely post! BTW, we have a 100 lb. lab/Rottie mix!

Betsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer evening for your family! Makes me think I should go lay in the hammock during lunch time, although that would require changing out of my pajamas.... Such tough choices!

Anonymous said...

I love catching lightning bugs! It's so summer!