Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband and my daddy!! Yes, I'm a bit late on the post, but that's pretty much standard for me. I'm also behind on posting about the family reunion so I'll get to that too in another post.

Josh spent the night with Nana and his cousins on Saturday night. I reminded him that the next day was Father's Day and of our tradition to serve breakfast in bed. It didn't matter. He explained that he never got to see his cousins. So we relented and he stayed with the understanding that Uncle Mike and Aunt Ann would drop him off on Sunday on their way back home.

Kevin still got breakfast in bed -- a might nice one too (I can say this as I made it *smile*) -- of crescent rolls, bacon, strawberries and coffee. I even sacrificed some of my flowers so he could have some in a vase on his bed tray.

After breakfast, we got ready for church and I went to Sunday school and came back home to get Josh. We made it back for about half the service and Josh was happy because he and I sat in the balcony.

After church Kevin and Josh agreed that Matzatlan (the local Mexican restaurant) was where they wanted to go. I had suggested Outback where we had a gift card, but we were afraid it would be too busy. I had called my daddy earlier as we were going to do Father's Day with him as well, but my mom is sick and he didn't want to leave her. We agreed to do Father's Day later with him. We all commented on how much we had wanted to go to Matzatlan while we were in Kyrgyzstan, which reminded me that only a week ago we were leaving there. In some ways, it seems like an eternity ago.

We came back home after lunch and Kevin got showered with his Father's Day cards and presents. We did something absolutely unheard of at our house afterwards -- we all rested and watched a movie together. It was really nice. And... here are photos of Kevin opening his gifts. Note the cat who always has to be in the middle of everything.

Kevin got a Swiss Army flashlight that he'd been wanting, a wooden pen that says "World's Best Father" (he loves pens), two frames that have Bible verses on them: one with Father and Son and one with Father and Daughter. Neither frame has photos yet, but we will most definitely have them filled before the next Father's Day (note, again, my procrastination). He also got two books: Tony Dungy's Quiet Strength and a book called How to Hit a Curve ball, Grill the Perfect Steak and Become a Real Man (learning what our fathers never taught us). And so when Kevin saw it he laughed and said, "I thought I already was a real man." But... the back of the book has this interesting teaser that made me think he might want to read it: But what if being an authentic man has nothing to do with mastering the mechanics of daily life? What if authenticity has more to do with courageously tackling the hidden questions of your heart, digging deep into your soul and discovering who you were really made to be? So... it was an impulse pick up. I think he'll like it.

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