Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kevin's Family Reunion

Every year, Kevin's mom's family has a family reunion at the Jefferson Davis Monument in Fairview, Kentucky. At Thanksgiving, all of Kevin's brothers and their families agreed that we would all attend this year as it might be the last time we'd all be together for a while as Ben is entering the Navy in the fall.
All the grandchildren - June 2008
Steve (L) and Kevin (R) -- We called Kevin "grumpy" here
So, we all packed up our food and went to the park on Saturday. I managed, somehow, to get photos of everyone except Kevin's brother Mike and his wife Ann , Angie-- and, of course myself as I didn't really want any of me. I would have liked to have had photos of the other three.

We had a great lunch and then everyone (except Mike and Ann and Nana) went up into the Jefferson Davis Monument. Here's your historical tidbit on this monument:

At 351 feet tall, it is the largest [unreinforced] concrete obelisk in the world, and the fifth tallest monument in the United States. The top four are St. Louis's Gateway Arch, 630 feet tall; San Jacinto (Texas) Monument, 570 feet (built to the peoples who created an independent country -- just like the Confederates); the Washington Monument, 555 feet; and the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial at Put in Bay, Ohio, which, at 352 feet, nudges its way past the Davis obelisk by a mere extra 12 inches.

We paid $4.00 per adult and $1.00 per child to ride in an elevator to the top where there were two windows (with bars) that they would open for you to look out. wow. Notice, there weren't even capital letters or an exclamation point? That was on purpose. So now I can add that to my list of things "done" and tall things I've gone up in. Barana Tower was better.

The "twins" Ben and David brought their girlfriends. That was freaky as I still remember them as the almost-seven-year-olds who were the ring bearers in our wedding. Yes, I see them and know they've grown up, but girlfriends?? Oy. Danielle, my first baby niece is a teenager now. She is constantly worried about herself and I keep telling her I'd kill to be as skinny and pretty as she is. I remember those days, though. Teenage years are some hard stuff. And then Caitlin, Lauren, Emily, Sarah Ann and Joshua are still our little ones who like to play on the playground
and with one another. It's so good to see them all together playing.

Ben and Courtney

David and Ashley



Emily (back) and Caitlin

Joshua, Sarah Ann and Lauren

Lauren trying on the bonnets in the JDM gift shop

Joshua and Emily trying out the "costumes" in the JDM gift shop
Touring the JDM museum

Touring the JDM museum

After the reunion we all went to the Dairy MART in Elkton and had ice cream.

Josh spent the night at Nana's to play more with "his cousins" and David, Ben, Courtney and Ashley spent the night at our house so they could leave early to get the girls back to Father's Day activities with their fathers.

It was a nice day.

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