Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Thank you again to all who have commented and emailed on the "Odd Day" post from yesterday. It has been a busy, emotional day with us trying to work through some information we were given yesterday.

In addition, Josh and I went to get our hair cuts. I got a LOT of hair cut off and I just feel summery now. :-) I needed a change. Josh got a lot of hair cut off to, but next week it will be long again. That hair and those fingernails grow SO fast on that boy.

And, tomorrow, Kevin and Josh leave at 6:30 for Centri-Kid church camp. I will get five days to "ponder life, leave dishes in the sink (yeah, right!), sleep late (haha), eat bonbons and watch soap operas. That sentence is too funny to even think about. :-)

In all honesty, I need to finish stenciling the nursery, work in the field, enter as much work as I can, review as much work as I can, go to Jennifer's Friday night for a jewelry party, put together the year-end baseball book and re-write a grant application. It's not like I'm going to be laying around taking naps, I suppose. I will miss them SO MUCH!!! They are all packed and I just have to get them to the bus in the morning.

BIG congratulations to my online buddy, Betsy, who has been SO supportive of me during this adoption process from Kryg. She and hubby, Bryan, received their referral of a sweet little boy today. I am so happy for them. Betsy is such a sweet person!!


Jeanne said...

I hope you get at least a few naps in!

Betsy said...

Maria, thanks so much for your encouragement and support! I hope you have a relaxing couple of days and I'll be praying for you & Kevin to have wisdeom in whatever decisions you are pondering right now... Sending hugs your way! :)

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I hope you get to relax just a little this week :) You deserve it. I'll be praying for you as you guys make decisions in the next few days.