Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here - Part II

So, I promised I'd write more about our adventures when I got back. Little did I know when we left at 9:30, it would be 3:30 before we got back.

So, Jennifer and I had great flights. We got good seats on each flight, didn't have long layovers between flights, slept fairly well and made all our connections. When we left London, I saw them load our luggage on the plane (well, I saw Aidai's stroller for sure), but when we arrived, unfortunately, none of Jennifer and my luggage had made it and only two of Elizabeth and Ellen's had.

We got to the hotel and took inventory of what we had among all of us and decided that we could make do with what we have. Ellie has a Gotcha' Day outfit, but, sadly no coat. That is really our only major concern right now is a coat for her. Not a requirement, but it is pretty cool/cold here and with her being so tiny, I really think she needs it. We anticipate the luggage will arrive on Tuesday with the next plane. If it doesn't we are sort of in a predicament at that point and I'll have to decide what to do about clothes for Ellie. I have only the one outfit -- no sleepers, diapers, toys, bed -- nothing. I can make do in most areas and think I can buy some sleepers here in town.

Jennifer and I, fortunately, each have a change of clothes and clean "skivvies" so we are ok and can wash things out on a rotating basis. It is a bit cold here though and so we will struggle if we don't get our luggage. We are trying to remain positive that it will arrive.

Today, we made our Beta Store run for water/sodas and other items we needed due to the delayed baggage. We exchanged money, bought some souveniers at the Beta and then went back to the hotel. Shortly after, we left again to go see Allison and beautiful, beautiful HotDog. We then went souvenier shopping at the Tsum where I was able to get "Gotcha Day" gifts for upcoming years' celebrations. We walked back to the Italian Restaurant and ate either a late lunch or early dinner. Jennifer and I agreed we won't need to eat again.

Our travel has caught up with us and we are either going to have to nap or go to bed (at 3:30). Tomorrow, I think we are planning to mainly stay in. We will meet with our in-country coordinator to go over details for the upcoming week.

Thanks to all who continue to pray for us. We felt them during our times in flight. If you could pray that we receive our luggage Tuesday (right before we leave to go get Ellie), we would certainly appreciate it. And, "GNO", we are getting along great -- for now. *smile*

I CANNOT believe I am THIS CLOSE to my sweet baby and will get to go get her in less than two days.


Allison said...

It was so wonderful to see you today! It was great to finally meet "in real life". Thank you so much for being my personal shopper as well:)
Can't wait to read all about your Gotcha Day and to see pictures of Ellie in your arms again.
Good luck my friend!

Jackie S said... happy to see these updates. Sorry for the luggage. I have good feelings you will have it in time.

As for a coat for Ellie, maybe grab a blanket from the hotel to wrap her if the luggage doesn't show.

All the best. Jackie

IrisH said...

It is so glad to hear that you made it (even though it is without your luggage)! And equally happy that you are "getting along" well!

Get plenty of rest, give Ellie lots of kisses when you see her, and know that we are keeping an eye on yours and Jennifer's babies (both old and young)!

Be safe and know that you are in our prayers!

Bridget said...

I am soooo happy for you!!! Please tell Ally, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Elizabeth's Mom and everyone else you see that there is someone in Minnesota praying for you all!!!

Cannot wait to hear about your week!


Hilary Marquis said...

I hate flying! So sorry about the luggage, I'm glad you can at least wash and rotate in the mean time...We'll keep praying the luggage shows up before you have to go get the princess! At least there was some fun shopping ;) Please tell me that one of you has a camera!!

Jeanne said...

I hope all goes well for the next couple days, and that the luggage arrives in time. I'm sure you'll all do great!

Julie said...

What is GNO? Looking forward to the updates!! It is so exciting!

Gen 's Family Story said...

It won't be long now! Get some rest because the next days won't be as restful with all the excitement, joy, and getting to know your Ellie!! WOOOHOOOO

Pamela said...

Total bummer about the luggage being MIA. Will pray that it arrives sooner rather than later.


Monica said...

Wonderful that you are THERE... not so great to not have luggage and Ellie's coat. I do hope to read good news that you get your luggage before you get Ellie on Tuesday. keeping you in my prayers!!!
Continued best wishes!

Margaret and Tom said...

OH how wonderful to see the beautiful HOT DOG! I can't wait for your Gotcha day, I will be celebrating here in St. Louis with you!

Anita said...

Oh so so glad to finally hear from you...I'd been checking and knowing that you'd blog soon, but on this side we're anxious to hear. Prayers for that luggage to arrive too! This is getting so exciting!! Oh I remember finally getting to the hotel in Nanjing and realizing it was in that place that we would bring Kaylin to as our daughter...WOW!! Lots of love and hugs, Anita

Kelli said...

Hope the luggage gets there on Tuesday! I can't wait to read about the big day!!!