Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baseball Team Party

Today was our friend Jarret's birthday party. His parents were kind enough to have a combination birthday/baseball team party for all the kids/families.

Ellie began talking about the party last night and telling us she was going swimming. I wish you could "see" the hand movement that goes with "swimming." She throws both hands out straight behind her like she is "swimming". It's a riot! The first words out of her mouth when she woke up were "Dora" [swimsuit] and "swimming". She was dressed by 8:30 for a noon party.

I went to get my hair done this morning (I'm now a poodle, by the way -- NO, there will be no photos) and then hit the $1 flip flop sale at Old Navy (where I stood in line longer than you do at Christmas to buy FLIP FLOPS -- yes, flip flops). When I finally GOT to the party, she STILL had not been "in" the pool. Apparently, she was not liking all the boys in the pool because as the afternoon wore on and more kids left or went over to the water slide, she eventually ventured in. Every kid there tried their hardest to get her into the pool, but Savannah was the one who finally succeeded. She refused to wear her floatation/life jacket thingy, but I felt safe because she was always surrounded by two or three kids at a time and I was standing right there. She got out on a float and had the happiest smile in the world.

By the time we left around 5:00, she was exhausted (as were we) and she went to sleep by 7. She's made a lot of noises tonight -- not really waking up, but talking or crying out, "Mama". I think she's probably exhausted and reliving her fun day in her dreams.

Josh is a bit "lobster-ish" looking, but it's not like I didn't TELL him to put on sunscreen and send it with Kevin. Josh just was "too busy". I suspect he'll be looking like a gingerbread by tomorrow.

Photos of the fun.

Ellie chose to wear her Dora bathing suit and was very fond her her hot pink hat.

The first attempt at getting in with Josh was a "no go". She yelled, "MAMA!!" and wanted out.

Baseball team cake

All the kids enjoyed ice cream cones.

Ellie enjoyed hers the most -- as you can tell. Her recent favorite thing is "I-cream" and "Chok-lit"

Daddy and brother got her these "eyes" (what she calls them) before the party. Surprisingly enough, they have a princess crown on them. *sigh*

Ellie wanted to go down the water slide -- until she got over to it, and then she decided no. The older kids had a lot of fun on it though.

Savannah finally convinces her to get into the pool -- but she would only go sitting on the float.

Once she was in, though, you can tell by her face she was certainly enjoying it. These kids all just spoil her rotten.

Love this one.

She finally let the birthday boy pull her around in the pool for a little while.

And the boys, doing what they do best. Give them a ball and they are happy for hours!

We had a fun day!!

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