Saturday, May 15, 2010

G.R.A.N.D. S.L.A.M.!!!!!

Josh's baseball team faced a team from Pleasant View this afternoon. It was hot as all get out too. We were ahead 1-0 for quite a while and then it was tied up. Then the score went to 3-2 and then tied up at 3-3. It was likely the last inning due to time and the Mets were up to bat. The bases were loaded with two outs and Josh was up. He had an important role to play -- if he struck out, we went down as a tie and might have another inning and lose. If he got a base hit and brought a runner in, we won. There was the possibility he could hit and it would be caught and we'd end up in a tie. So much on the line -- too much drama for the mama (I have GOT to get that Drama Mama t-shirt!!).

Josh had a ball, then a foul (strike), then another strike. UGH. Drama. And then, it happened ... just the right ball crossed the plate at just the right place and, as Josh put it, "I just did what Orlando taught me and hit it at the mid-point of the bat." The crack was loud, the arc was beautiful and we all knew it was out of the park.


This happened to him last when he was six years old and playing for Coach Bumpus.

As he was rounding the bases, I grabbed my camera -- that I took saying, "just in case something exciting happens" -- and started snapping away. Through the viewfinder, the photos were fantastic of him rounding third, crossing home with all his teammates patting, congratulating, hitting him on the helmet and the million dollar smile on his face. I took several pictures (great too, by the way!!) afterward. Then I got home ... no memory card in the camera. If I could have been sick right there, I would have.

So each of you have to use your [very creative] imaginations to envision what it MIGHT have looked like. Since it seems to happen only every six years, we might not see it again. *sigh* Let me (as the VERY PROUD mama) say, it was a BEAUTIFUL thing. Beautiful.

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Jeanne said...

Awww, you were there to see it, and that's what counts! Way to go, Josh!!