Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Flood Photos

More photos of the mid-state's devastating flood from this past weekend courtesy of The Tennessean.

Vietnam Veteran's Parkway going from Goodlettsville into Hendersonville. It is fully underwater in this photo.

Homes in Goodlettsville

Farther on down the Cumberland, in Montgomery County, Clarksville experienced extreme flooding as well.

Pennington Bend subdivision near Opry Mills/Opryland Hotel.
Wal-mart in Ashland City.

LP Field -- home of the Titans.

Stage entrance to the Grand Ole Opry.

Exterior shot of the Grand Ole Opry

Downtown Nashville near the River and First Avenue.
Opryland Hotel - inside.

This photo was taken of rescuers boating up Interstate-40 trying to rescue homeowners in Bellevue.

This is what the clean-up efforts look like once the water recedes. Who wants THIS office chair?

Another very real problem is the instability (or even absence of) the roads after they and the ground underneath have been exposed to so much water and the force with which it was flowing. Here a road is buckled and crumbling.

This is one of the homes in Bellevue.

Today I heard that Tennessee has been declared a Federal disaster area and FEMA help is available. I read this at the Tennessean's website today and it shames me to know that insurance companies can be this callous:

"Yesterday, people worried about their lives and the lives of their loved ones," Mitchell said. "Today, people are returning and everything is under water. They're calling their insurance companies and being told, 'That's too bad.' "

Additional stories report:

"As soon as we rounded the corner, we were in a whole different world," Mataya said. "It was all river. You could only see the second floors of these homes. We steered the boat up to the first window we saw and pulled people out. We kept yelling to people 'We're coming back.'"

We've already been notified that there will be no school this week. I suspect it will be longer than that. With only a few weeks left until the end of school, one wonders if they might just not go back at all.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

It's just crazy, isn't it? My dad lives on Pennington Bend. He's not in that subdivision, his house was directly on the river :( We are already back at school today, though.

Kim said...

The devastation is so sad! Praying for all affected and glad you and yours are safe from harm. We were in Chattanooga Saturday and so many people came in the hotel looking for a place to stay because the roads were so flooded in the area they were trying to go. So our family is moving from hurricane alley to flooding TN. Good thing to know God's in control!