Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Years?? Really?

My mother sent me an email this morning. It was so sweet and reminded me of the significance of today.

Today is a special day. Two years ago today you all left to go see our little Ellie that we are all so blessed to have in our family. She is one in a million and we love her so much. I have had her on my mind all morning thinking of how she will grow up knowing Jesus and how much He loved her to find her a home that she can be taught all about Him. I will never forget the fears me and your daddy had when all of you got on that plane that day. I just left it up to God to take care of you all and bring you home safely. He has answered so many prayers for us all.

I love all of you so much

Two years? Really? I went back and re-read the days surrounding the trip and the "Meetcha" Day and cried. I'm such a tender-hearted wimp. This little girl has been SUCH a blessing to our family. I look at her and think of all she's been through and see her sweet spirit, her laughing smile, her determination and know that God blessed us beyond measure.

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