Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yes! They Will ~~ and No, They Won't

You'll remember a few days ago I spent some time wondering if Cheatham County schools would go back and finish the school year or request a waiver and not go back.

We received word this weekend that the northern portion of the county (our part) will return to school on Wednesday, but the southern portion of schools will not go back this year.

I know this must have been a hard decision to come to for the school board and others who were involved in making the decision, and I think they made the best of what they had to work with. I, personally, am glad that our kids are allowed to return and finish their last few (11) days of the year. I am sad that the children on the southern portion of our county didn't have that opportunity and even more so that they had to endure this disaster at all.

Our church is having a training tomorrow night for folks who are interested in going out as a group to work in clean-up efforts. I think Josh and I are going to go. I think it is our responsibility to help where and when we can. We are both able and have time and were spared. I would hope that our "neighbors" would do the same thing if it were out home. I know they would.

We are so blessed to live in a county/community/part of the country where everyone is so helpful in the midst of a crisis.

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