Thursday, May 6, 2010

Will They? or Won't They?

Much discussion is abounding around "these here parts" about whether or not Cheatham County schools will resume or simply cancel schools for the remainder of the year.

Last night, Fox 17, the local television news station, indicated the possibility that the schools might not re-open at all.

While either option is fine with me and our family, it started me thinking about all the things that the year-end brings that so many students will miss out on and so many complications of just saying, "Hey, we're done." with no notice.

I do so much of my thinking in the shower and when I'm drying hair. I joke that it's the only time my brain cells are stimulated. I've compiled a list of things that kids/parents will miss if schools don't resume this year.

  • Returning your over-due library book.
  • Spending the (pre-paid) money in your lunch account.
  • Kindergarten graduation
  • Senior skip day
  • Cleaning out your locker
  • Returning your school books
  • Final exams
  • Field day
  • Field trips (pre-paid as well)
  • Yearbooks and yearbook signing (particularly sad, to me, for the seniors)
  • End-of-the-year teachers' gifts
  • Bringing up those "oh, so close" grades (there was still three weeks to bring them up!!)
  • Saying good-bye to your friends for the summer

Our county is large and is separated by a river (obviously -- the one that overflowed). The northern part of the county (with the exception of Ashland City) was not hit nearly as badly as the southern part. Only one school, that I'm aware of, has major flooding damage on the north side. The south side, however, has many schools that are flooded or had water damage -- so bad, I understand, that kids couldn't go back for safety reasons.

With only two and a half weeks left of school, one has to wonder what will happen. My understanding is that the board of education will have to meet and decide. The current Director of Education for Tennessee (who, interestingly enough, was slated to become the Director of Schools for Cheatham County), has indicated in the local papers that he will allow waivers for schools who ask for them. My understanding is also that because we have been deemed a federal disaster area, school days missed do not have to be made up.

So it remains to be seen whether children just got an extended summer break. I'm sure those children who live in the southern part of the county need the extra time off. There is the very distinct possibility that don't have the things they would need to actually go to school at this point.

We stand in limbo waiting to hear.

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