Friday, May 21, 2010

Kyrgyz Cuties Playdate

Today we got to meet up with AP and her mom and have some lunch and fun at Mickey D's near their home. We LOVE getting together to play. I wish we could have had more time but, alas, C. needed picking up from school and I had to work and then take Josh to the doctor. [Never fear, Josh only has allergies and a sore chest from coughing so much.]

The kids had fun playing on the playland, eating ice cream and then playing in the grass outside. Josh and I caught some really cute pix of AP and Ellie holding hands. I'm sure AP's mom got some cute ones too. Check out her blog in a day or so to see.

I smile when I look at these next photos because there is no "identifying" location markers. These girls could just as easily been in their native country of Kyrgyzstan playing out in a field as they are in the US. It's amazing that these two cuties came from the same orphanage in a TINY country thousands of miles away and ended up only a couple of counties apart. I'm so glad they have each other as friends -- and that A. and I have each other as friends. These are just the SWEETEST pictures ever. So girly ...

Josh took this picture and with a little cropping, it turned out as one of my very favorites!!


Lori said...


It really sort of hit me...those girls came from a world away...and look at them now.

I've known that, but for some reason...just looking at the two of them playing together and holding hands...just priceless!

What an amazing world we have.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Your pictures turned out so cute! Despite AP's tattoo sleeve :) We really like getting together, it is too infrequent. Summer is just around the corner, though, and we will have much more time!