Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Gray

Ellie has discovered playing on the baseball fields with the other kids. Monday night, she went into the "playpen" with the other kids to play. I call it that because it is fenced and there is only one way in/out and I can stand at the gate and know she's safe in there.

What I didn't bet on, however, is the fact that she and a couple other little girls would get in a dirt/sand throwing contest. I think Ellie lost. She came out SO COVERED in dirtthat her hair was GRAY. She immediately took off her shorts AND diaper which I had to throw away because it had about a cup of dirt down in it. We put her shorts back on her and used a "Butt Wipe" (the phrase one of her little five-year-old friends used -- as in, "Do you have any Butt Wipes to clean Ellie up with?") to clean her face and hair as best I could.

It was ugly.

Here she is reading her "All About Ellie" book before the incident. (The pix aren't great as it was after dark).

Here's the "after".

The hairbow started out BRIGHT orange and blue.

Pictures just can't do justice to how gray this girl's hair was.

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