Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Comment Moderation

Sadly, I've had to turn on the comment moderation feature for the blog. For some reason, there are those of you who think that it's really cool to leave links to "girly" type site links in the comments section in HOPES that someone will click the link and go to your site. Fortunately, I'm quite "computer leary" of all things such as this and have yet to be led into one of your less than desirable sites. I do not want my readers to be led to those sites either so I have been deleting your comments and links. I'm tired of doing that so your actions have caused me to censor all my comments. A sad shame, really, that you feel that it is your RIGHT to post things as comments on MY BLOG to link to sites that I would NEVER approve of or support. This is a blog about family and our family DOES NOT APPROVE of the activities that you are trying to force down our and our readers' throats. Please, go somewhere else, or better yet, go away.

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

I've been getting those, too, I think. I've tried to delete them all. Are the comments usually in Chinese looking font? I have never clicked to their site to see what it is. Also have a few followers that I think are there for similiar reasons, but not sure how to de-follow them.