Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Poor bloggy was feeling all grey and dismal, and life has had me so busy I couldn't take the time to update it. However, today, I took a bit to work on it (and learn some incredible new things too!!) and give it a mini-facelift.

I'm hopeful to get a few more changes made, but, alas, I DO have to work too, so this is it for the day.

Check out this blog for some INCREDIBLE tips on how to make changes to your blog, including how to add a customized signature line and customized blog titles. This girl has got it going on!! Even I could follow the instructions and make the changes. Whoop whoop!!

Hope you all enjoy!!


Betsy said...

Oooh FUN! Looks great Maria. I think I just discovered what I will be doing during naptime... giving the 'ol blog a facelift!

Betsy said...

Boo, I can't get it to work.... did you do use that "sIFR Generator" to use the fonts on your blog? It won't let me do the 'save as' step to get the 4 different file types. BUMMER!!!

Lori said...

VERY cute!!!! Been thinking about and praying for you guys a lot with all that water....<3 you!

Lori said...

I didn't like last post's security word, but I like the one that popped up after...

Fluck...as in I won't even begin to try and use that word in print the way it flies around in my head!! ;)

Actually...it reminds me of a kid, several years ago, who had quite the mouth...on the playground, one of my kids came up to me and started to tell me something but I couldn't understand what the kid was saying because my potty mouth was running up to me himself, yelling, "BENCH!!!!! I called her a BENCH!!!!"

Yeah. Sure he did.