Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flooding in Tennessee

Many of you may have seen and heard the news reports out of Tennessee and the images of the horrific flooding that has occurred here. While we are fortunate to live in a part of the state that sits on a higher plain and not near water, there has still been a bit of flooding activity near us with neighbors who have ponds/sink holes. One street over is flooded and another street over the drive of our friends is impassable. We have received record rainfall amounting to 13-14" of rain in the last two days.

However, I'm amazed at the areas that I frequent that are UNDER WATER. My Kroger ... for example ... in Belle Meade. Here's a photo of a police officer who was rescued in front of it. He clung to a tree for an hour. No one knows where his patrol car is. (Photos from

This is this main road (Harding Road) that runs through Belle Meade in front of the Kroger. See the top of the car.

Friends at church indicate that my Harris Teeter store's parking garage was under water. It is down from this Kroger.

This couple are holding on to the TOP of their Jeep on a street where I regularly work.

Officials are encouraging folks to stay off the roads tonight and tomorrow. I will gladly oblige. I certainly don't want to be in the middle of all of this. We did venture out to church (10 minutes away) and to lunch at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Half way through our wait to be served the power went off. The great workers there still managed to cook and serve folks. Amazing.

This is I-40 near Dickson, Tennessee. It is now closed.

Recent news reports indicate that Gaylord Opryland Hotel has evacuated their hotel guests after already turning away some 2000 guests earlier in the day.

Here vendors at the flooded Farmer's Market in Nashville cart their items out.

When you say your prayers, say a little prayer for all these folks whose lives just turned upside down.

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Jeanne said...

So intense! I hope there won't be loss of life.