Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Meetcha" Day

Two years ago, we met our daughter. I remember every nuance of the day as if it were yesterday. I remember my stomach flopping over and over on the ride from Bishkek to Tokmok. I remember snapping photos like a mad woman on the ride over -- only to wear out the batteries and only be able to take a few pictures of "The Princess" when we got there.

I remember thinking it was surreal -- like I was outside my body watching it unfold to someone else.

I remember thinking it most certainly was NOT her when I saw her because she was SO LITTLE. I remember carrying her out and Josh and Kevin seeing her for the first time. She never once opened her eyes that day. Josh was afraid she was blind.

I remember how long her fingers were and how her hair had sweet little waves in it. I remember her number "U3" on her sleeper.

I remember seeing Aidai meeting her parents for the first time.

I remember it was hot and Ellie was SO BUNDLED up that I just knew she was smothering in all those clothes. I remember how we snuck her hat off her head just to see her hair.

I remember thanking God that we had finally found our daughter, after almost five long years of looking.

I remember all of us ... falling in love.


Mayme said...

WOW! Where does the time go? She looks so much the same. Her face in the one picture looks identical to now. She is adorable!

Mala said...

I LOVE this post. Hard to believe 2 years have gone by so quickly. In a few weeks, it'll be our 3 year anniversary of meeting Beck (and Aidai)

Kelli said...

Such sweet memories! Can't believe it's been 2 years- yikes!

Jackie said...

What a special day. I didn't realize you met your princess on Noli's first birthday. Like I said, what a special day :) Lovely post!!