Friday, May 21, 2010

Funny Stories

Tonight after "the ballgame that wasn't" [our team arrived but no one told us the game was cancelled], we went to the village to get some dinner. After dinner, Ellie and Josh wanted to walk over to the fountain and throw in pennies for wishes. Kevin laughingly asked if I was sure I wanted to wish. We laughed and Josh said, "Why?" Kevin told him after my last wishes, I might want to think about asking for a monetary wish. Josh again said, "Why????". I told him, "The last three times I wished on one of your daddy's pennies I ended up with him [Kevin], you [Josh] and her [Ellie]." This time I asked for peace and happiness in our house -- Kevin, I'm sure is hoping I wished for a monetary windfall!! :-)

Anyway, we were there and a little girl, her mom and grand mom came up. They saw Ellie and wanted to come over to meet her. Their little girl is from China and Ellie just TOOK to her and they played and played and played for the longest time. It was just instantaneous for both of them -- so sweet. So, she and I exchanged contact info so we could go play in the park one day. Ellie heard the park comment and the lady asked if she'd like to go play in the park one day. ELLIE, however, thought she meant tonight. She got in the car and kept saying, "Park, Park". We tried to tell her it was dark and we would go another day. BUT... when we got home, she burst into tears and was crying, over and over, "Park, park, park". Poor baby. I tried to explain it to her, but instead I ended up trying to change the subject to the pool party she is going to tomorrow.

Because of that story, we had to go in and find her bathing suits. It's a shame that she only had SIX to choose from (six???? what was I thinking???). She picked out the Dora bathing suit that she got for her birthday, a hot pink hat, a hot pink cover-up and her Dora flip flops. We put it all in her Dora beach bag with her Dora beach towel and I thought she was ready for bed. OH NO. Girl had to try on ALL SIX bathing suits before she was happy. Then, she wanted to sleep in one of them. One of our friends (who reads this blog and will get a kick of this story) has a little girl who LITERALLY wore her bathing suit for a year. She wore it under everything she had on -- winter and summer -- for fear that she would be at a pool and not have her bathing suit. As Ellie climbed up into bed with her bathing suit on, not wanting to take it off, I said to Kevin, "Looks like we are going to have a Torin on our hands." He laughed and said he was thinking the same thing. FINALLY I got her to take it off and put on pajamas. She is SO ready for the party tomorrow!! Lord, I hope I am!! It's a combination birthday party for one of Josh's friends/baseball team party. It's scheduled to be four hours. I suspect Ellie will require leaving for a nap LONG before the four hours are over.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

AP is sleeping in her swimsuit right now!!!

Lori said...

You guys crack me up!!!

I expect pool party pictures!