Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Project ...

I was offered another project from work. For those of you who are new to my blog I inspect homes for insurance companies. Occassionally, one of the companies I work for gets special project work in large volumes in other cities. They are so kind and know that we are raising money for the adoption and always call and offer me the "good stuff" -- lots of work, tight concentration so I can complete the most inspections. It's a pay per piece job so volume is what makes money.

I'm now in a town just southeast of Atlanta. I never know until I get here and work a little while what the "reason" for the inspections are, but I knew this time that it was widespread and a HUGE project (12000 pieces). I am NOT doing them all -- only 600. Well, apparently, this area was hit with a tornado/severe storms a while back and I guess the insurance company is determining what has been repaired and what still needs to be repaired because EVERYONE here is getting a new roof or has a sign in their yard that they just got a new roof.

So, I'm going to be here a few days this week and a few days next week. I said, after my last project that I was NEVER doing another, but ... never say never. Maybe this one will be the last one. :-) I hope so!!

The good news is I got done tonight, ate dinner and got to my hotel and got everything set up and have just enough time to blog before AMERICAN IDOL comes on. Boy, have I got my priorities straight!! Early prediction -- Jason is going home.

No adoption news. At least I'm busy so I don't think about it all the time -- ok, so I do, but we are going to pretend that I'm so busy that I'm not.

I miss home already.

To answer the question from Jes about how I determine where the people are that visit. I have Feedjit. If I hold my mouse over the dots on the map, it tells me where the visitors are from. If I click on the map, it takes me to the feedjit site where it gives me more information about visitors. Feedjit also has a Live Traffic Feed which I have just added to my site (scroll WAY down). Ironically, fellow APs who I KNOW are in Illinois show up on my map as London. WHY??? All this time I thought I had cool visitors from London (haha!!). Oh well. I'm happy to have them from Illinois too!!

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Hilary Marquis said...

Silly Feedjit says we are in LA!!! Hahaha!!!