Saturday, May 3, 2008

Made of Honor

My friend Lisa called yesterday and asked if I wanted to "get away" and go see the movie, Made of Honor. I needed a bit of a get-away so I readily agreed and after Joshua's ballgame this afternoon, we went to Calhoun's for dinner and then on to the theatre to see the movie.

So, now this has been a big movie week for me -- two movies in a week -- WOW! I haven't seen two movies in six months and now two.

Anyhow, this was a cute, predictable boy and girl are friends but are probably secretly in love with one another and the ensuing drama as they try to determine if they can overcome her engagement to another man.

It was nice to get away for a few hours and have some girl-talk time. I needed it!

The stress of waiting is beginning to get to me. I have waited (as patiently as I can) since August 2004 for this child. And while that time was hard, these last few weeks have been really trying because the end is in sight and I can do nothing to know when it might come.

The Kyrgyzstan adoption community (all you blog readers and members of the yahoo group) have been extremely supportive and I'm really not sure how I would have made it some days without your encouragement. While family, friends and church members are also encouraging, folks who are in process truly understand how hard the wait is. It's been three weeks since our agency's last referral. The country restructuring is still going on, I suppose and my understanding is that part of that include appointing a new person to sign off on referrals, so I guess that might be why no one is seeing any referrals from any agencies (that I have heard or seen). It's hard to make plans and not know when we might be travelling. We make commitments but have to preface everything with, "If we aren't traveling." We look at our calendar and wonder what we might have to cancel. Our calendars are particularly full right now. We've been doing this for three weeks and don't know when we might expect it to change. It's hard.

So... that being said, it was really, really good to get to go out and have a normal night out with a friend and not think about adoption, calendars and responsibilities. The popcorn and coke were just a bonus!


Betsy said...

Maria, I hope you get a referral soon! I cannot imagine how difficult the wait is. I am hopeful that the Embassy issues will clear up very soon and that your process will be smoother because of it. Seems like a lot of people are thinking we should hear about changes at the Embassy in the next week... My fingers are crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely feel where you are coming from. Today I had my first official breakdown. I just can't seem to complete the last part of the paperwork process and get myself downtown for the cert/auth process. I just had a moment but I am pulling myslf together. It just feels better to be able to share this with you knowing that you know where I am coming from. Hang in there. I just know you are going to hear something soon and you will be racing around like a crazy person with joy & excitement!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Movie to forget...that brought back memories. I tried to do that when we first found Anara's photo, yet didn'nt know if we could even have her. I went to see Pirates of the Carribean 3 with a girlfriend. Little did I know that the first 30min of the movie are full of asian pirates! So much for not thinking of adoption. Kids to Adopt called me the next day to tell us we could have her! Hmmm...maybe going to a movie is a good idea ;)