Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 2 - Georgia

Today was an excellent day in the field. While it was 80 and that's just a touch too hot for me, I'd rather be hot than cold. There was a nice breeze much of the day.

Top ten things I'm thankful for in the field today (count your blessings, name them one-by-one):

1. No dogs tried to bite me or scared me; no snakes, spiders or ticks, either.
2. No one yelled at me or acted like I was trying to break into their home.
3. No rain.
4. No police (yes, it has happened before)
5. Not lost one single time!!!!
6. Nothing broke (camera, computer, bones)
7. There was always a bathroom around when I needed it (this is huge, folks!)
8. The flowers here are blooming beautifully.
9. I ended up two hours ahead of schedule.
10. I completed 111 inspections and still was done by 4:30 (whooo hoo!!!)

There are supposed to be storms tonight, but tomorrow should be clear. I am going to work until around 4:00 and then head home (yay!!!). Then, this weekend we are doing a fundraiser -- breakfast concessions at a softball tournament. Fingers are crossed that people are really hungry and we sell everything we have!!

Here are some of my "happy" photos from today. They pretty much journal my day. When I got to the hotel last night I was not very concerned about what was around. I was a bit startled this morning to get in the car, look up and see this sign directly in front of my hotel. Now, I'm not saying who I'm working for but... a picture is worth a thousand words, huh?

Back home I regularly work for the people represented by this guy (seen below) too -- again, no names needed, I'm sure. This guy was hanging out on someone's front porch siding just trying to do some marketing for the competition.

So here is the photo of the squirrel I met at house #1. I am photographing the roof when I see him land on the roof. I think, "Oh, he's going to run across so I'll take his picture." I'm already zoomed in and think I'm "all that". He does run across the roof and jumps from roof section to roof section, over and over again because he can't figure out how to get down with me standing there. He hangs his head over the edge -- looking down. You see, I'M standing between him and "his tree". Finally, he just stares at me and jumps -- STRAIGHT TOWARD ME and runs right up to me. Now, technically, I think he was running because he had just jumped from a ROOF, but I'm frantically thinking he's got rabies when he stops, looks at me, and runs to the right behind me and skitters up the tree. WOW! It was too early for this.

This guy was in a homeowner's rear yard and I thought he was cute. THEN, I saw his toy -- it's bigger than he is!!

And, here are some photos of the pretty flowers I've seen here.

And this is how I ended my day, a treat with a "Skinny Mocha." They lie. I drank it and I DIDN'T lose any weight at all. They should not call these things skinny if I'm not going to be skinny after I drink it!! :-)

All in all, it was a good day if you have to be away from home and working.

Just so you have an adoption "tidbit", I carry my phone with me everywhere now. Everytime it rings, I freak out trying to read the caller ID to see if it's "The Call". Today, I left it in the car and as I was getting back in I hear the "plink" that I hear when I have a voicemail and I almost broke the phone trying to hear who it was from. So... if you call me and I sound disappointed, it's not because it's you. I'm in a bit of a tizzy right now as I've realized I left my plug in charger at home. In the car I'm fine as I have a charger that plugs in, but I'm low on battery tonight. Yes, I KNOW they won't call at 2 a.m., but I just want to make sure I've got it on FULL charge -- just in case. :-)


Jeanne said...

Maria, I love the way you are keeping yourself busy and entertained! I guess the good news in all this is that Joshua won't have to miss any school. I'll add my indignation to Betsy's, and hope it moves things forward for you. I had a delay in obtaining my I-171h two years ago with our first adoption. The day I contacted my senator is the day it came. This proves that running out of patience does work somehow!

Jackie said...

Your post made me chuckle :) Glad you're keeping busy. That call will come and it will be a moment to remember. I was called on three dif. numbers and couldn't answer any one of the calls because I was in a meeting and could not break away. I heard one of the messages as it was being left and after that my brain was mooossshhh. I couldn't return the call for almost an hour.

Jackie said...
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