Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Day Closer

Each day brings us a little closer to meeting Ellie. The ticker at the top of the website seemed like a good idea at the time, but each time I log on, it seems like I'm in a race to "beat the clock."

Today went well. I worked in the field today along with making necessary phone calls. I have a call in to our pediatrician and spoke with the nurse (a high school friend as well) at our OB/GYN's office to get suggestions for any questions we would want to ask the doctor/director when we meet with them. We have transportation to and from the airport that has been volunteered by my dear friends Iris and Jennifer. My dad has to work during the times we are flying and my mom has been sick so these girls have "stepped up" (this is just typical of these friends of mine, too!) to help us out. All banking issues have been resolved. The hotel has been guaranteed.
Packages arrived today from Hilary who sent two boxes of clothing for the babies who are in the hospital -- before they come to the orphanages. There was also a bag from an unknown donor on my front porch when I came home. If you read the blog, thank you so much. Everyone who is touched by your generosity will be blessed. Thanks also, to the Bakers who sent a bag of goodies for us to take to the orphanage as well. The outfits they sent are too cute!! We have two suitcases full of items to take to the orphanage and to John. I'm also expecting a package of clothing items tomorrow from Gen for missionaries that she knows who are there. We are excited to meet them when they pick up their items.

Hilary's boxes of goodies

Kevin packing the donations

I had long talks with both M. and A. who just returned from Kyrgyzstan on Sunday so I have a better idea of what to expect during our visit. I am so lucky to have these ladies going before me who are willing to talk and answer the thousand questions I've had about this process.

Josh while we packed. He's been really tired lately so he was "resting"

I picked up a couple of blankets today for Ellie. I've been looking for a long time for some that were super soft and today I found some at TJ Maxx (one of my favorite stores). I also got her a really soft "lovey" doll and a teething ring that holds photos and plays music. For those of you who are "Constant Readers" (a phrase I liberally borrow from Stephen King), you'll remember that my secret pal sent Ellie a lovey back at Christmas. Because it is special, I'm saving it for when she comes home. It is waiting, patiently, in her crib. If this one gets damaged or lost, it's not such a big deal. I think I'll leave the teether here for trip 2, the pickup trip, as I doubt she'll use it before then. I've gotten out her Build-A-Bear with our voices on it. It is ready to pack to take to her as well as an elephant that you can pull the tail and it plays lullabies. We've also put some photos in a soft book that hopefully the caregivers will show her while we are gone.

So far, we have all the donations packed; most of the things (other than clothes) ready for the one carry-on; each of us have a backpack with our entertainment items, snacks and a pillow. No clothes have been packed, but that should come easily. The camera and camcorder and all their various charging items are packed.

Donations for the orphanages and missionaries

More donations

Today, I found out that our new medical forms and police clearance letters have to be state certified. I'm not sure how I missed this or why I thought they didn't, but it's going to make for an interesting day tomorrow. I'll leave home at 8, go to one county for certification; go to another county to pick up the clearance letters and have them certified there; go into yet another county for Josh and my haircut and to complete a couple of inspections; head to the fourth county for visa photos and state certification. Then, we'll head back home to pick up Kevin and finally head to the fifth and final county to pick up another set of documents we need before we leave and where I'll complete my last three inspections. Then, it's home to pack, vacuum, do some laundry and then head to the ballpark from 5:15 - 10:00 for a double header. I most definitely will not need a sleeping pill on the plane. What I will need is someone to wake me up when we get there.

My sunburn from Monday's field day, is now blistering up. OUCH. Kevin has been putting aloe vera on it, but it still hurts. I've added sunscreen to my packing list.

A special thank you to my friend Lisa for being my notary again. She has notarized more documents for me than she probably has for everyone else combined. She has also provided me with another large piece of luggage so that each of us can have our own. Thank you!!!

I love living in a small town. Today, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up sinus meds. I was greeted by the pharmacist, who is also my Sunday school teacher. He was asking about our travels and wishing us well. At the post office, next door, I met our pastor who had to have a hug and told me that our request for donations for missionaries in Kyrgyzstan would be in this week's bulletin. I called the vet's office (I think one of the wings might be named for me there :-) ) to make sure the animals would have care if they needed it while we are gone, and I said, "I don't know if you knew we were adopting..." and she replied, "Oh yes, we do" and told me that if any of the animals got sick and was brought in by anyone they would take care of them for me. Every neighbor has called or stopped us when we have seen them and offered to help -- to do anything we need. Ellie is going to have such a wonderful community to grow up in, filled with people who loved her before she was born, who were excited for her to come to our hometown, a place where she is welcomed, and from what I understand at the ball park, fought over for baby holding rights. We are so blessed. God has given us such a wonderful life and "every blessing You pour out, I turn back to praise" I thank Him for it.

I am getting more and more excited about travelling to meet this wee little one who sleeps alot, the one with the dark hair and sweet puckery mouth. I pray that she is healthy and safe, her tummy full and her needs met and that the angels are still dancing around her while she sleeps in God's hand. I hope she knows we are working so very hard to get there to meet her and that we will continue to work really hard to get her home.


Betsy said...

Sounds like everything is coming together! I will be checking your blog obsessively for updates from Bishkek!! Sending many blessings & prayers your way....

Gen 's Family Story said...

You are doing well, you go girl!! Can't wait to hear about this special time! Prayers for all to go well!