Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Again

I've returned home from Georgia. I had contemplated returning next week for a one day trip to finish up the work, but after returning home, I realize there is MUCH to be done here and I need to stay here and get it all done before we go.

Today's crisis was when I couldn't decide what shoes to take. I need multi-purpose shoes because I don't want to carry 10 pair of shoes, but that's just what I need. :-) Someone told me that it might not be appropriate for women's toes to show. After some questioning around, my travel buddy E. found out that it is ok to wear sandals. YAY! As we were moving some more things out of Ellie's room (we are still using it to store some things), I found that Ellie already has 11 pair of shoes. GRANTED, some of them are in sizes that are still too big for her, but, she is definitely going to be her mother's child.

I haven't had time to take photos, but our friend Carla got Ellie some cute outfits and brought them to Kevin at the ballpark today. It's her first "after referral" gift.

We continue to walk around in amazement at the goodness of God and His continually answering our prayers exactly as we pray them. You'll remember I said the perfect week for us to travel would be May 23. We are traveling then. We needed our I171H to come and it has been mailed and should be here Monday or Tuesday. These are only two examples of continual provision and answered prayers. This continued provision for our family is another reason we feel so confident in where we are in the process. Much like giving birth, however, adoption is fraught with fear of the unknown and the what-if's and uncertainties. It is a place where my faith becomes less about words and more about action. I was not prepared for the uncertainties I would feel when the dream of a child became a face in a photo and a set of medicals and a living breathing person living on the other side of the world. My uncertainty is not about adoption or this referral, but just about the fear of mothering another child and all the uncertainties that lie ahead of us and her life. We all think we have so much control over our lives and yet we don't know what tomorrow will bring for any of us.

Anyway, I'm rambling. We have booked airline reservations; I THINK we have a hotel reservation, but I'm awaiting another email. Apparently, I can only get one per day from them. If I don't hear back from them tomorrow, I suppose I might call. We are beginning to make packing lists and gather items as we can. In less than 5 days, I will be on a plane headed across the WORLD to meet a baby that will be my daughter. Is that AMAZING???


Betsy said...

YAY for the I-171H!! I love seeing everything come together. Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful & productive weekend getting everything ready.

Jeanne said...

Sounds like you are right on track! It's a wonderful feeling when everything comes together.