Monday, May 26, 2008

The Morning After

It's about 1:30 in the morning here in Bishkek and I'm awake. Kevin and Josh are still out, but I suspect they might be up before the sun as well. We went to bed about 7:30p local time. I am actually enjoying the quiet time right now and will soon start to entering work from before I left. I'm planning to spend the day doing that and then tomorrow we will go back to see Ellie and meet with the orphanage director, our coordinator and translator for medical information.

Thursday we are excited to meet John Wright and go to the mountains. I can't tell you how beautiful the country is here. I love the freedom of the animals alongside the roads with no fences, the beautiful snow-capped mountains and the fields. Many have commented on how poor and run down the country is, and while that is true, I think it is likely indicative of a society that just hasn't moved along to the fast pace of America. I don't think that is bad all the time, just different. It was so refreshing to see little kids playing in the side streets, in the dirt and riding bicyles, mothers walking along with other women, talking. I spend much time in America, wishing life would slow down from the frantic pace we all currently live in. To be honest, I have not, for one minute, missed my cell phone. At home, I would have used it 20 times a day. I have missed a microwave in my hotel room, but have adjusted just fine. I have missed Sonic on every corner as well *smile*. My waistline, however, probably has not. All that having been said, I wouldn't want to live here, because it is not the life I'm used to, but I cannot knock their culture entirely because parts of it are so appealing.

I continue to look over the photos we took yesterday of Ellie. Oh how I wish they would let us unbundle her for a bit and see her in her entirety: toes, belly button, hair. But we remember we are a guest in their "home" and need to play by their rules. When I come back to get her and am "officially" her mommy, I can parent her as I see fit then.

Josh is having a lot of fun in the hotel pool. I'm not sure what today holds for he and Kevin while I work, but we will report back later. He fell asleep last night before writing in his "blog" so we might do that when he awakens. He loves to look at his hit counter each day.

Sleep and food have improved my mood drastically. Our friend A. who just returned from here gave me two locations for good food for today so early afternoon we'll go try one of them out. I'm so thankful for that info. For other PAPs, find out, after you know where you are staying, where the closest English-speaking eateries are from other families who have been here. It will be helpful for you. Other than the food and sleep issues, we are doing well, so far. I think now, with information on the food issues, we will do better. :-)
And, even with my minor discomforts and inconveniences, I realize that this is the trip of a lifetime and the culmination of years of prayer and longing for a little one. My faith is being tested and it seems a bit harder to be in the faith when you are out of your element. I continue to be in prayer and know that the prayers from people back home will see us through this trip and during the time until we can bring Ellie home. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to log on and see the sweet words from the people back home who are cheering us on and sharing in our joy. You are so important to us here and we are so thankful for you!

Oh, and for my friend Susan, who is a Starbucks addict, here's a photo of the "localized" version of Starbucks where they sall MacCoffee. From what I can tell, a cup of MacCoffee is 30 com or about $.83. Tea, is about 10 com or $.28. We've been buying Coke light in a half liter for 89 com or $2.47, I think.

Coffee anyone?

The mountains along the road to Tokmok

The moutains again

Cattle in a stream

All my scenery photos are taken out the window of a car that is being driven pretty darn fast so several are blurry. I'm going to get more batteries so we'll have plenty for the next trip as I only got "going" to Tokmok and not coming back. I've told Josh we have to trade sides of the car this next time.


Michelle said...

It's good that you've got time to work. And you've gotten something to eat!

Tamara said...

I am so happy for you that you have finally met your princess! YEAH!!! I can't wait to hear more about your visits. I am definitely checking back several times a day. Sorry to hear you haven't found some good food yet. Although we are still a ways out for a referral, I am taking your advice and making lists of all the great places to see and eat when mentioned. I will definitely hit you up when you return for advice but for now, enjoy your time with your little Ellie!! =)