Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Visit

Today we got to visit "The Princess" again and let me tell you she was so animated today. She was cooing and "talking" and such as soon as we got her from her room. After a few minutes she began trying to suck on my finger and she sucked so hard she was making "slurping" noises. We asked Aliya if they could find her a pacifier and once she had it, boy, she went to town sucking on it!! She sucked herself right on off to sleep.

We were really excited to get to feed her today as well. She drank down 100 ml (normally, she eats 90) in a very quick time. We tried to burp her and got a teeny tiny burp and she fell out on her daddy's chest. She looked so peaceful I hated to wake her up.

While we can't wait to have her home and would love to be able to visit her every day until time for her to come home, we realize that we have to leave her for a good while. I'm very sad about that. While I know the caregivers will provide care for her and we will have left formula, diapers, vitamins, photos, blankets, her lullaby elephant and some pacifiers, none of those things can compare to the daily activities of being talked to and held and loved by her family. We talked tonight about how her life will never be the same. She will never want for someone to hold her. In fact, we think we might to sign up to hold her ourselves as we know there are so many people at home waiting to love on her.

Here's some pix of where Josh is sleeping and how he looks when he sleeps.

Here is a picture of our little ones tootsies:


Jeanne said...

I'm really enjoying your travel posts and photos--they're delightful! How wonderful to be getting to know your daughter!!

Monica said...

OMGosh those baby toes are PRECIOUS!
Thanks for sharing even those pictures. I do understand why that's all you can share. Can't wait to see MORE pics of her later when you can share them.