Saturday, May 24, 2008

In London

I will start by saying that if I make it through this entire post without falling asleep it will be a miracle. It's 5:10 a.m. our time, but we are in London, so it is 11:10 a.m. here. I haven't slept more than 5 hours in the past two days and I'm just ready to fall out.

We boarded the plane in Nashville and were very forunate that two people who were supposed to sit by Kevin (we were split up seating wise), didn't show up so we all had a back row seat. Josh, try as he may, couldn't find a comfy place to sleep. Finally, he got comfy sitting up and all got maybe two hours of sleep.

I did enjoy watching the movie P.S. I Love You. I had hoped to get to watch Bucket List as well, but I needed a little sleep. As I type, my eyes keep going and I keep typing the craziest things.

Our next flight isn't until 1:30 London time wo we have a several hours. When Kevin and Josh get back from the bathroom, I might stretch out and sleep for a half an hour.

We found our travel buddies Elizabeth and Bill as we were coming out of a restaurant where we ate breakfast. The American dollar is SQUAT in London, so our three BLT sandwiches, Josh a kids smoothie, hot tea and coffee were $51 American. HOLY COW!!!

We love hearing the folks talk here. That's it for now, I'm taking a nap!

Here are a few photos from Dulles. We haven't taken any here in London and probably won't.


Terri said...

Hey Maria...I meant to pop you an email before you left, but this has been such a busy week here. I'm thinking and praying for you every day though...and will be keeping a close watch on your blog. Can't wait to hear you have Ellie in your arms!

Kelli said...

Hope you get some rest soon! Have a wonderful trip- can't wait to hear all about Ellie!