Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fourth Grade Musical

Tonight was the 4th grade musical at Joshua's school. They did a "rock and roll" production of music from the 50s entitled, "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay". It was a very cute production and all the songs had small speaking roles and character roles to go with it.

Joshua was a "Beatle". I'm not sure which one, but it was one of the guitar playing ones. :-) I suppose it was pick your favorite Beatle.
Josh is the Beatle on the far right.
I've never seen him move so much during the musical numbers. He was surfing, hand jiving and twisting so much I thought he might not be my usually unaffected little man.

Doing the hand jive - Josh is center back row.
We had a fantastic time trying to get his thick, straight hair to stay "slicked back" and to have a "wave" in the front as we were told we should do by the music teacher. After much mousse, gel and hairspray, we came up with a fairly good result.

Getting ready: Converse hi-tops, jeans (that were rolled up) and a white t-shirt

I know they all worked hard and we had a lot of fun watching them. Here's Josh's "James Dean-Bad Boy" look:

And the "Boys of the 50s"


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Looks like that was a really cute show. He made a great Beatle!

Anonymous said...

First of all, There are four Beatles, and I am slightly ticked that they only had three. Two, he was either John or Paul. George played the bass, and Ringo was the amazing drummer.