Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Off to Get the Vacuum Cleaner

I woke up this morning and my little man didn't feel well. With only 10 days of school left I told him he could stay home. He COULD have gone to school, but, really, why? I'm such a bad mom, I know. His throat hurts -- mine does too, but I think it's allergies for both of us.

So, he went back to sleep and as I lay there thinking of ALL I needed to be doing, I thought back to when I was pregnant with him and how so like where we are now with our adoption this was. The irony of his story of coming into the world compared to Ellie's story had been lost on me.

My due date was November 21. By July/August, I was already dilated and effaced. My OB/GYN told me there was no way he would go to full term. I was told to cut back work to half time, which I did. I still did too much because those that know me know I'm not a sit back and rest kind of girl. By the time the first of October arrived, I was dilated to a three and told it would be anytime. I just knew I was going to have a red-headed baby on Halloween and everyone would call him pumpkin. I told people this.

And then, November rolled around -- what? Where was this baby that was coming early? Nothing, still at a three, more effaced -- ANY TIME NOW. You see, I was "first on the list" then too and knowing it could be ANY DAY. The joke was on me.

Joshua had to be INDUCED on his due date and I was in labor for 10 hours before they finally had to suck him out with the vacuum cleaner (that's our running joke of using the suction machine to get his head, which was stuck, out).

So, here I am again, dilated and effaced and waiting. And she's not coming until her due date either. I'm off to get the vacuum cleaner out!


Betsy said...

Too funny! I think the vacuum cleaner of international adoption would probably be one of those expensive Dyson ones ;)

Mayme said...

xbxuyToo funny! I can relate to the waiting on baby thing so well. Both of mine were supposed to come quickly too and I was induced as well. I remember walking around dilated to 3 thinking I was the queen of my lamaze class. 2 wks later, 12 hours of labor, and Brady had to have the suction cup too! It just goes to show you these babies are on their on schedules:)

Jennifer's Family said...

Hysterical! I did not see where this post was leading! :-)

Terri said...

That is so funny Maria!! I'm glad you've been able to hold onto some humor during this 'seemingly' endless wait.

Anonymous said...

You so funny.