Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Freaky Hotel Room

I think our hotel room is jinxed.

We have this sink that everytime you turn it on you get a shower. Somehow, we can never remember to turn it on easily and BOOM, wet all over.

The refrigerator turns on and off at will so our drinks may or may not be cold when we open it.

And now, the air conditioner (kind of a wall unit way up high on the wall -- it has a REMOTE CONTROL of all things???) is dripping -- a lot. I went downstairs to tell them and they brought me a bucket to put under it. Ahhh.... well, that's an excellent choice.

The iron light comes and goes on and off, but the iron is always on if it's plugged in.

Two or three times a day the power flips off and then back on.

Weird stuff.

I'm off to bed, hopefully for several hours of deep sleep!!

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