Saturday, May 31, 2008

What DAY is it?

Ok, people, I'm normally just as crazy as a bug anyway, but you add a timezone that is 11 hours different and it's always a different day here than home and when I sleep you all are awake and when I'm awake, you all are asleep, I'm just LOST. I don't know what day it is -- honestly. I think it's Saturday. My computer says it's 3:47 am and that's back home so it must be 2:47 in the afternoon here. Saturday??

Anyway, I've given up on knowing what day it is. I ask everytime I call somebody back home and every day, a couple of times a day I ask Kevin. It's just crazy.

We got to visit with "The Princess" again today. She slept the entire time. We did get to give her her 12:00 feeding so that was nice, but again, she slept through that too. I'm hopeful that tomorrow she will be awake. The orphanage director told us that yesterday, while we weren't there, that she went in around the time we should have been there and Ellie was crying. She picked her up and carried her outside and she stopped. When she put her back down, she started crying again. I think we're beginning to spoil her highness. Oh, I hope so! :-)

Kevin and I talked about how, while we hate to leave, we are ready to go home. We want to visit her as much as possible, but are aware of the limitations and that she will not come home with us this time, and so it makes it a bit easier. We know that very soon we'll return and have her forever.

We are going to the Metro again today -- we decided we needed an American fix again. Josh said today, "Man, I miss Matzatlan." That's our local favorite Mexican restaurant. We ALL miss Matzatlan, I think.

We saw some babies of other families today and they were SO CUTE too. We loved watching them with their caregivers and knowing they would be going home to their forever families soon!

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