Friday, May 9, 2008

Day 3 - Georgia - Peach Roses and "Ellie-phants"

Oh, where to start about Friday in Georgia? It started off relatively nice as the day was overcast and so it didn't get too hot until around 1:00. By then I was on the "downhill slide" as they say and thought I had it made. There weren't too many happy photos to take as I didn't see a lot.

There were some really pretty peach roses (they are my favorites)

a cat thinking he was hidden on top of a swing

and an "Ellie-phant" statue in the front yard of a house (who has elephant statutary in their yards???).
and several other pretty flowers. Anyone know what the white flower is? The owner didn't and I think it's lovely.
And this lovely guy (or girl???) hanging out by the lake!

I was making good time and I got to the last house of the day. The homeowner was home and his grandkids were the back yard jumping on their trampoline. I asked if I could go into the back yard to take the photos and he led me through the garage. There was a dog (some sort of small lab mix?) who I was talking to/about to the owner as I walked along when BOOM (ok, go ahead and start laughing here and continue until the story is over, I would), I hit the ground as my foot goes into a hole and I, my clipboard and my camera all go in three different directions. I was MORITIFIED!!!! I'm sure the man wanted to bust a gut laughing, but he was very nice and said, "Can I help you up?" He then proceeded to tell me, "Well, that dog digs holes all over this yard. You were bound to step in a hole or doo doo." Oh, well, I'd rather have stepped in poop -- its cheaper to clean that buying a new camera. I gathered my clipboard with all the papers that had gotten throw everywhere, picked up my camera, tried to gather my dignity to continue on when I realized that my camera lens had been jammed in the fall. Try as I may I couldn't get it to work. *UGH* So I told the man I'd just have to put him back on my schedule for the next week.

So, my top 10 list was fortuitous, I suppose. I did break something -- my camera. I can't seem to get it to work again -- the focus is all out of whack. I'm not sure, yet, how to handle that.

Then, on the way home, I got caught in the midst of two tractor/trailer wrecks -- separate but about a mile apart that delayed my getting home about two hours. It was right at midnight when I arrived home. But, better home at midnight than not at all.


Jeanne said...

I found the flower for you--it's a double lily and can be found here:

Jeanne said...

Oops, got cut off. It's a Biltmore Estate Lily called Miss Lucy.