Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too Tired to Type

What a crazy day! We started by working a concession stand at the park. We were there from 7 - 10:30 at which point, I had to rush Joshua to baseball for a game at 11:30. The game went long -- surprise -- and I was late to the 2:00 Mother's Day event at my grandmother's nursing home. Then I was back home to shower and get ready to go out to eat for Mother's Day with my mom and Kevin's mom. After dinner, Josh wanted to go to Wal-mart and spend his gift card so it was about 9:30 by the time we got back home. I had to hit the bed.

Some highlights of the day were Joshua's ballgame where they won 22-0. Josh made a double play by getting a boy out on first and throwing home to get another boy out there. YAY Josh!!

Grandmother enjoyed her present. She wanted some "pedal pushers" -- which we now call capri pants. Someone told me at the store, when I was buying them that the reason they were called pedal pushers was because they were the kind of pants they wore when they were riding bikes "back in the day."

We celebrated my mom's birthday along with Mother's Day tonight. We had an excellent cake that Kevin picked up at Sam's. It had strawberry filling and a whipped cream icing. YUM!!

And, of course, the mother's seemed to like their framed family photos from our church photos. And yes, they got their presents in the O'Charley's parking lot. Isn't that awful?

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