Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holy Cow, How will I fit in the Sink?

So... today we shopped for the last few things we needed before we go: luggage (yes, we needed bigger suitcases) -- 2 lovely pieces found at Wally World and not a huge loss if they are destroyed in transit; various and sundry snacks for the trip and first few days there; new tennis shoes for Josh as his were both embarrassing and smelly (BOYS!!!); a backpack for Josh to carry all his "goodies" on the plane; pet food for two weeks; socks and undies. It seems like we are ALWAYS short on those last two items at our house. I think our washer and dryer eat them because I'm certain we buy enough to have them, but there never are enough.

And now, I'm trying to figure how to get all the things packed up to travel across the world that three people will need for 16 days. Impossible, I tell you, impossible. I can't travel to the ballpark without hauling the house.

We have to take our paperwork binder and that's going to take up a good spot in my carry-on. There's the camera, video camera, laptop and Josh's various video games that will all have to be carried on. We have to carry on enough clothes for three people for a couple of days in case they lose our luggage. All medications that we might need will have to be carried on. Some of those aforementioned SNACKS have to go with us (especially the trail mix I got!!)

Tomorrow I need to work at field day at Joshua's school; call his pediatrician to get a new medical form for him to take with us; talk with her about Ellie's medicals; call the bank; call doctor's office to see when I can get medical forms filled out and signed (2nd set); enter some jobs; and determine WHERE in the WORLD I stand with work (since I can't seem to concentrate on that). Airline ticket should arrive and the hotel is confirmed. I171H should arrive and should be sent to agency and a copy made (for safekeeping) and the original filed in "THE" binder. Second set of police letters should be ready as well.

Tuesday is Joshua's "graduation/awards" day in the morning. Then we are off to get visa photos made, haircuts and pick up some sinus meds at the pharmacy. All of us are having yucky sinus problems now, with Josh having a terrible nosebleed today. More paperwork, baseball practice and pack a little more and clean a little and enter more work.

Wednesday, I need to be in the field working a bit. I'm hopeful there is internet access in the London airport where we have a 6 hour layover and I can work there some. Church on Wednesday night.

Thursday, pack, make lists, pack, make lists, pack some more. Go crazy. More paperwork. Clean house, do laundry. Double header at the ball park, 6:30 - 10:30. YAY!

FRIDAY -- Leave for Kyrg to see little Ellie-belly! YAY!!!!

Sometime in there, Kevin will have to mow and weed eat the lawn, make two trips out of town and write some reports.

I could have really used that extra week, but it's going to happen regardless.

Some very kind people came up to us today and church and handed us checks. They will never know how appreciative we are of this kindness to us and to Ellie. It is so helpful -- especially when all things are more than anticipated, it seems. Others gave us goodies to take to the orphanage. Those children will so benefit from their kind donations. I'm so blessed to have a good church and great friends there!

I found out tonight that there is another family from the Nashville-area who is with another agency who will be at Tokmok while we are. This is very exciting and we have emailed before and did not have an idea we would be there at the same time.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Another Nashville family! That's awesome! It sounds like you have a crazy busy week. Hang in there!

Michele said...

When you go get your photos done get extas, because they will ask for them before you leave there. You are going to love it over there so have fun & take it all in. You will be just fine just breath in, & let God in for the ride. He just needs to be asked to come with in your heart, so he is in control. He aways has been, he aways well. So have fun, & love that baby!!

Kelli said...

Gosh, if you bring that much to a ball game, you are going to need an extra car when you start bringing Ellie along!

As overwhelming as it may be, I just know you will get everything in order before you leave! However you may need to invest in a few more suitcases for Ellie's things when you make the second trip!

Jeanne said...

Hmmmm, just a feeling I have, but I think you're trying to do too much. You don't want to arrive so worn out that you get sick. Just concerned about YOU!