Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo - 5th of May. When we began our adoption journey with our current agency, we were given an estimate of how long it would take to receive our referral (2-4 months). That window was March 14 - May 5.

I have on my calendar today "Last Day for Referral". I actually thought we'd have our referral by now. BUT... the world of adoption is nothing if not unpredictable so we don't -- yet. I'm certain it will be forthcoming and that if Kyrgyzstan were not re-structuring we probably would have already had it. If we don't receive it today, there are 29 of you voters who just missed the boat. HOWEVER, since the next "vote" day is May 20, we could still count you as the winners by "closest vote" if it comes this week!!

I've been anxiously awaiting word from the families who are currently in country meeting their babies. I have counted ahead 11 hours so many times over the past few days that I'm actually good at it now. It is currently 7 p.m. there and they are finishing their first day and have *hopefully* seen the faces of their beautiful babies. I can't wait to hear about their experiences.

I've had a couple of "HMMM..." moments over the last few days. I got an email yesterday that had a list of what was in the issue and one of the titles was "In the Pipeline" (which is apparently where my referral is, remember?). Yesterday, at church, we sang, How Great is Our God. If you'll remember, that was the song that ran through my head the entire day after the last family's referral. To my knowledge, we have not sung that song at our church in over a year. I've dreamed about Ellie a few times as well. I know I keep saying it, but I really believe we are close and God is just encouraging us through these last few days to continue having faith in Him and His plans for us and for Ellie.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I'm going to tape a few episodes of the George Lopez marathon that's on tonight on Nick (I think that show is funny, funny!), work all day in the field inspecting houses, go to see Joshua play baseball. And I might, just might, throw in a call to our agency for updates -- just for good measure, of course.

Hello to visitors from: Australia, Rio De Janeiro, Bishkek and Germany as well as the visitors from the U.S. and Canada. I don't want you home folk to be left out!

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Jes said...

Maria ~ How can you tell where your visitors are from? I have a cluster map, but it never actually says where they're from (unless I don't know how to do it!) - usually it just has a big red dot and you can certainly get a pretty good ideal. Do you use a different website?