Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog Slacker

Yes, I know, I have certainly been a blogging slacker. I've been trying to get things ready for the consignment sale, getting work done, and I've had both Ellie and Josh home since Thursday, so blogging gets put to the back burner during those times.

Saturday, Josh's team, the Joelton Vikings, had their second set of scrimmages, this time at MBA where they played Goodpasture Christian and a team from West Nashville. They won their first game 23-0 and lost their second game 0-28.

I got a chance to use my new camera and have decided that I probably shouldn't move the settings around a lot until I can fiugre what settings I do need to change. I made a few changes and found that my photos were a bit lighter than I would have preferred. For those who are bored interested, you can view Saturday's photos here. I will say that I have edited them in Photoshop, so the photos, I think, look better than they really came out to start with. I have found the camera is faster than my other computer -- which stands to reason -- and that I thought the pictures would be more clear as they appeared that way in the viewfinder. I hope to get some time to try to take some photos this week of Ellie and Josh to try out the camera settings some more.

Here are a few fun ones from this weekend.

Ellie, eating ice to stay cool.

Notice a theme? Trying to stay cool, Josh has a cold rag on his head. It was HOT out there Saturday.

Thank goodness the game was ending, because Ellie decided she needed to be out on the field with mama and came running out.

This was pretty much her reaction to the second game. One game in the heat she tolerated, the second game -- not so much. She wanted to be on the field with mama and there was a fence between us.
Josh by the second game's end -- hot and tired.

These were some of my favs:

QB after an intercepted pass thrown by him -- love the facial expression

One tired, hot and frustrated player

Game's end with the sun coming it at an odd angle. I just like the light on this one.

An injured player -- notice the pain on his face -- fortunately it was not serious.

Anyone want to tell me what is funny about THIS photo? *sigh* I didn't notice it until I got home and was looking at it. Apparently "this" was a problem during the entire game, per Josh's report. Poor guy!

I just thought this one of Donovan was cute!

In "The Princess" department, Ellie is coming along a little with her language. I can tell she is trying harder to make words. I routinely hear her saying, "Baby", "Cat" "Duck" and "Mama". She replies, "Moo" when you ask her what the cow says now. Occassionally, it sounds like she is saying other things, but it's not consistent enough to count. The improvement seems to come more quickly when we watch the sign language videos. For some reason, she seems to be able to connect that these words have "signs" that go with them and we'll see a language improvement after a day of watching them. She knows the signs for "baby", "dog", "eat" "more" and "daddy". She really has enjoyed watching a Barney movie she has and doing the dances along with the kids. It's funny.

Josh has his first short day of school tomorrow -- from 7:45 - 10:45. He says he is looking forward to it. He was upset tonight that I didn't have any bacon to cook for his breakfast. We NEVER cook breakfast during school days, but he insisted it's a "tradition" to cook bacon on the first day of school -- I'm certain this is a "wishful thinking" on his part. He went to bed early (enough) tonight and I'm hopeful he'll get up easily in the morning. Oh the joys of early rising!

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