Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I never win anything -- literally, never.

Today I was at the consignment sale working my shift and it was the day to draw door prizes. If you work six + shifts you get DOOR PRIZES too -- can you believe it? What a deal!!

Anyway, I won a Longaberger basket (I LOVE them!!!), two sweet baby blankets that Linus Ellie will love!!, two $25 gift certificates to use at the sale AND.... best of all ... wait for this: the opportunity to shop with Brea on Wednesday at 12:00!!! I get to shop FIRST!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

I was already a bit concerned about how I was going to make this all work since worker shop was at 5 p.m., Josh had football practice at 6 and he was going to shop using a worker credit, AND I am signed up to work at 6 p.m., SO.... God, in His greatness (with a little prayer on my part) worked it all out so that I could shop early. He knows and meets our needs (and even wants!!), doesn't He?

Anyway, since I had to take the exersaucers and high chair this afternoon, I took both Josh and Ellie and let them browse while I made lists of things they both wanted. I told Josh I'd just go ahead and get the things he wanted and he wouldn't even have to come out.

Ellie was a RIOT at the store. The phrase, "like a kid in a candy store" doesn't begin to describe how excited she was at all these toys. She rode on ride on toys, played with kitchens, musical instruments, train tables, doll houses, played in those outside type "houses", tried out tables and chairs, fell in love with a doggie purse and a stuffed bear and generally had a great time. We spent about an hour there letting her and Josh browse, and I came away with a pretty good list of things Ellie would like that included:
  • Fridge phonics set - $5
  • Fridge phonics farm set - $5
  • Barney DVD (she loves Barney and singing and dancing with them) - $3
  • Elmo book with microphone and buttons to push that "talk" - $3
  • Disney Princess rolling backpack and lunch box -- this is a maybe, but it's only $5 and I'm thinking if we go on a trip, she would enjoy her own little suitcase
  • Leap Frog Little Touch Leapster for Infants and Toddlers - $10
  • Blues Clues chair -- ok THIS was a shocker. There was a LONG row of different kinds of chairs and she plopped down in this red chair that resembles a sofa and jumped up and down and laughed and clapped and giggled. Josh showed her other chairs and she'd shake her head, bounce up and down in the chair and laugh. It was so cute and funny. Josh and I had a great big laugh over her. We don't need the chair for her, but it brings her such joy. $5
  • Doll Stroller (that she pushed all over the store) - $4
  • Various Little People sets -- unsure which ones I will get until I can "get down into them"

Josh's list includes:

  • Some sort of "does everything" Robot: $10 -- not sure what it does, but he wanted it
  • A tow truck (it's pretty large too). I'm not sure where this request came from but, again, he wanted it - $5
  • DVD of the movie Click - $5
  • Book called Inventor Robots - $3
  • ESPN Game Station - it's a ridiculously large (where will we put it??) basketball/baseball/football/hockey THING that he wanted from the last sale but I wasn't willing to part with the approximately $75 being asked for it (I don't remember the exact price only that it was more than I wanted to pay). The owner has obviously gotten tired of it sitting in her house and is letting it go for the wonderful low price of $30. Yay. *sarcasm* I didn't want it -- didn't want to deal with it -- don't have a good place for it. *sigh* He's only young once. Maybe I can re-consign it in the spring???

The balance of my "credit" for work will be used for winter clothes. I CANNOT WAIT to shop tomorrow. I'm so excited. Did I mention that I never win anything??? Allison, it appears the black cloud ... well, you know I'm superstitious and can't bring myself to finish the statement!!


Allison said...

Awesome!!! Have a fantastic time! I can't wait for our consignment sale in two weeks. And, of course, you know the black cloud has moved north, hovering somewhere over my general area now. Can't wait to pass that off to someone else:)

Lori said...

That's so cool!!! I'm very impressed and I bet you are just too psyched for tomorrow!! Can't wait to see pictures of the Blues Clues chair!