Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Camera and New Found Respect and NEED

Today I stayed home with Ellie. I have a new found respect for 1) full-time stay-at-home moms, and 2) Dee'Anna (Ellie's babysitter). That girl wore me out before nap time. She is busy, busy, busy and you can't keep up with her no matter how hard you try. I attempted to clip some coupons -- HA! -- that didn't work so well. I pretty much just followed her along picking up whatever she was throwing down. We played a lot today. She enjoyed helping me do laundry (you know, closing the washing machine door and watching the laundry twirl around. She also enjoyed running me up and down the steps.

Her new favorite activity: wearing everyone else's shoes. It's funny to watch her put them on and try to walk in them.

And, my Canon EOS Rebel has finally bit the bullet, I suppose. I sent it in to get the on/off button repaired, but the estimate to fix it was more than I wanted to pay for it. Canon has a trade-up deal and so I have traded up to a Canon EOS XS. It should be here Friday. I can't wait to try it out on Saturday at Josh's football scrimmages. I love that it has a few new features but that the body style is the same so I don't have to learn a whole new camera.

I have a couple of pix from today, but the camera is upstairs so it will be tomorrow before I can post them.


On another note, my friend Terri emailed me today asking me to post some information requesting help for friends of hers who are under an extraordinary deadline to raise funds to bring their daughter home from Taiwan. The Johnsons live here in Tennessee as well. Their adoption is ON HOLD until they can raise the $6,820 needed to pay the orphanage donation and agency fee. Imagine having your daughter identified and wanting so badly to proceed and then have this stumbling block. They have until AUGUST 30 to raise this money. I've been here. I know the fear, the faith required, the prayer required. If God leads your heart to help this family, PLEASE visit their site (link above) and donate. Even a small amount is helpful. The small collective efforts of many add up quickly. Imagine ... if this were your child in an orphanage. If you can't give, please visit their site, read their story and pray for them and their daughter.


Terri said...

Thanks for the 'plug' Maria..I greatly appreciate it!!! To assist further, I'm holding a raffle/drawing on Aug 28 for some of my sewing items. Check my blog for details. Thanks again friend!!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I have new respect for stay at homes as well, but also highly respect all the working moms. Each has their unique challenges. When I worked full time, I felt like I wasn't with the kiddos enough. Now that I'm with them 24/7, I feel bad for wanting a break!

Rachel said...

what lens are you getting? i have the rebel xsi with an EF 70-200mm 1:4 lens. I love it, but have to stand SO far back to take a shot. I am looking for another lens I can use for close range. A friend suggested a 35,55, or 85mm. Thoughts?

Virginia Janet said...

That's nice!! I love my new digital camera and like to take pictures with it!!