Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hotdog Comes for a Visit

We were so excited to learn that Ellie's "BFF" and former "suitemate" (ha!) in Tokmok would be coming for a visit this weekend. They are two weeks apart in age and came home just a week apart. Hotdog and her mom arrived Saturday morning and we visited the local mall for a quick lunch and trip to Gymboree, The Children's Place and the Disney Store.

After the mall, we went to watch Joshua play a scrimmage in football and it rained and rained and rained. Fortunately, the men had the forethought to bring some tents and we stayed dry -- except the little girls who wanted to play in the rain. They played so very hard that they were soaked through. They had a blast!! Everyone loved getting to see Ellie and her friend too. Josh's team won one game and lost the other. It was good practice for them, however, for the upcoming season. We have another scrimmage next weekend before the season opening jamboree. I hope the boys do well this year. The line appears very solid and there are lots of players for the line as well, unlike in years past. Josh is going to have to work hard to earn his playing time this year as this is an 11-12 year old team and he is 11. Priority will likely be given to the 12 year-olds. I'm sure he'll play quite a bit, just maybe not as much as last year. He did very well in the first two scrimmages though.

After the game, Kevin and Josh stopped and got pizza and we went home and had a great time letting the little ones (and Josh too!) play. They had such a good time!!

We have hooked Hotdog on the idea of a DVD player in the backseat and I'm thinking mom and dad will be getting one soon. Ellie and she watched a sign language video over and over during our road running and Ellie picked up a new sign, "Baby" which is what she apparently thinks means Hotdog because after she left she went around signing "baby".

After spending the night and having breakfast and a little play time, Hotdog and mom went home today. Hotdog was exhausted as her schedule was all off. Hopefully, she rested on the way home!

Both Hotdog's mom and I agreed that we are so glad we live close enough together to be able to let the girls continue to be "BFFs" and that we can't wait until years from now when they are able to "spend the night", call each other and continue to be great friends. It's an added blessing that our families really like each other a lot too!!

Here are photos from our fun, fun weekend.

Hotdog giving Ellie a hug.
Josh and his team mates resting between games.

Josh (#74) tackling

Although you can't tell this Josh is the one who has tackled #20, carrying the ball. Go Josh!!

One of Josh's team mates, Austin, hanging out with Ellie. All the boys on the team think Ellie is "the stuff" and she thinks they are way cool too!!

Ellie and Dad playing in the rain ...

Josh flew through the air to make this tackle on the ball carrier.

Hotdog taught Ellie how to stomp in puddles. It was Ellie's first time to play in the rain. They were absolutely soaked. We had to take all their clothes off and let them ride home in wet diapers! No worries, they both are blanket addicts and each had their blankies to cuddle up with (and their sign language DVD) - ha!

BFFs!! Are they not adorable????

I love this picture of Hotdog.

This picture of Ellie really shows how much her hair is growing. I can't wait until she has as much as Hotdog.

These pix are for Hotdog's Dad -- a Wildcats fan -- here you go -- our girls playing UK basketball!

We had our own version of WWF going on -- Ellie and Hotdog had Josh penned down and Ellie was beating him with a pillow. They were just giggling!! Josh was such a good sport.

Ellie with her crayon and paper...

The girls played really well together. Here they are hiding the crayons in the stove on the kitchen.

This is Ellie "painting" Hotdog's mom's toes -- with a crayon!!

Not to be outdone by Hotdog riding on the toy, Ellie decided to climb on too.

Hotdog getting ready to leave ...

Ellie and Hotdog got crowns from Burger King at the mall (they are princesses, after all). Ellie still wants to wear her and will bring it to us to put on. It reminds me of when I was adopted my parents took me to Burger King on the day they got me. Ellie is about 5 months younger than I was on my Gotcha Day, but I'm sure this picture will take them back. So, this picture is for my parents!!


Lori said...

OMG those pictures are so darned cute!! Those girls are adorable and they looked like they had SO much fun, I love it!

Margaret and Tom said...

Oh soooo cute! Looks like it was a blast!

Hilary Marquis said...

They are both beautiful little Kyrgyz Princesses! I wish my skin was that gorgeous...