Monday, August 3, 2009

Consignment Tagging

While I SHOULD have been out in the field working today, I spent a part of the day beginning to tag my items for the Encores and More North consignment sale. I cannot believe the amount of things we have amassed for Ellie during the past six months that no longer fit her. I've tagged close to 150 items so far and still have more to go and Josh's things to do.

For anyone wanting more information on this fabulous sale, click the link above. You'll find a whole store full of Goody's (pun intended as the location is in the former Goody's location in the Rivergate area) at great prices!! And, considering I just read on her blog that she currently has over 550 consignors, WOW, imagine the good stuff to pick from. If anyone is interested in my consignor pre-sale pass to shop on Friday night, let me know. I will have a consignor one and a guest one. First dibs to the first one to comment or email.

I will be working several shifts throughout the sale so maybe I'll see you there!!

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Khakismum said...

Wow, Maria you got a good leg up on stuff to sell. good luck! It will be weird for me becasue this will be the first sale in YEARS I have not, sold in, or worked in. I am not going to know what to do with my self! Give your preview pass to the next person in need (since I am the first commenter and will not be able to come to the sale nor need to). Hope you find lots of good finds and sell enough to cover what you buy!