Monday, August 31, 2009

Couponing --> Super Doubles = Big Savings

I spent yesterday afternoon (with Kevin's help!) organizing and clipping coupons so I could make a grocery run as both Harris Teeter and Kroger are doing Super Doubles (doubling coupons up to $1.98 face value) through Tuesday. I had said I wasn't going to but I needed cat food and Ellie needed lunches for this week so I went and tried to use the coupons I had to stock up for a few more weeks.

I think I really did pretty well. Considering I was truly grocery shopping (which includes produce and meat, which I don't usually have coupons for) this time instead of just stockpiling (yes, there is a difference), I was pleased. I got $371 worth of groceries for $164, saving $207 with coupons or saving 56%. I had four "check-outs" -- two at Harris Teeter and two at Kroger.

With what we had and what we picked up, I think we can stretch this for three weeks with the addition of milk and diapers during that time. I'm going to keep my totals for this month on how much I really spend for groceries in a month. I suspect I can feed the four of us, the cats and dogs, diaper a baby, buy laundry detergents/softners, cleaners, paper products (tp and paper towels and such), health/beauty products, etc. for right at $300 for the month. That still leaves me $136 for the rest of the month of September and I'm pretty certain we can do that and still have lots left in our stockpile and probably add to it some. I think that's pretty awesome, honestly. I suspect if I were really much more diligent, I could do it for less, but considering when I was shopping exclusively at Wal-mart I was spending easily $150-$200 a week, then I've managed to cut our budget by well over half AND get more food AND be able to share it with others. What a blessing!!

My best deals:

Free coupon for Rice Krispies (from - $3.67 value (will use for Rice Krispy treats)
Two bottles of Hunts ketchup - free (coupon from All You magazine for $1.00 off two; doubled and ketchup was $1 a bottle)
Yashibo noodles - BOGOF at HT for $1.39, coupon for $.50 off one -- cost for two $.39
Hormel Completes lasagne - marked down to $1.67 each at Kroger; coupon $.75, doubled - $.17 each
Velveeta shells and cheese - $1.61 a box -- $1.00/2 coupon doubled - $.61 a box PLUS a peel off on the box for a FREE Hunt's BBQ sauce.
Mighty Max dog food - two cans - FREE with coupon
Chef Michaels dog food - two cans - FREE with coupon
Alpo Dog Food - $.75/can - coupon for $1.00 off three, doubled -- three cans $.25 for all three
Lifesavers Hard candies in a bag - FREE - $1.99 with $1 coupon doubled -- great thing, there is another $1.00 off coupon in the
Danimals crushables - $1.88 w/$1 coupon doubled made them FREE


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Awesome! Are all Kroger stores doing super doubles? I haven't seen anything about it at ours. I did really good at Publix today! Our family owes you props for all the money I've been saving. I probably spend at least 200 less per month now!

The Barrios Family said...

We are doing the whole couponing thing and the avoiding Walmart thing - and we've cut our grocery budget almost in half! I'm sure I could do better than what I'm doing right now, but I just don't have the time. Keep posting about it - it helps remind me to do it too!