Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Winter Clothes

Only have about half of the photos of Ellie's new winter clothes I picked up at the consignment sale, but Kevin will return tonight and I can upload the rest.

I love this little outfit -- horses around the collar, horses on the pants and cowboy hats on the pockets. CUTE!!

I LOVE Christmas outfits and these two just scream cute!!
Oh, how very, very true!!And, an obligatory Thanksgiving outfit too.

Ellie helped while I took the clothes off the hangers ...

A sweet Valentine's outfit.

A $1.00 gown with Princesses on it -- can't beat that!!

And, last, but not least, Elmo pjs. Ellie LOVES Elmo!!

More clothes pix later!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Oh my goodness! AP had that dress that is brown on top with a pink tutu skirt! She had a portrait done in it. I'll have to scan it in and show you. I know that is not her actual dress b/c I couldn't bear to part with it :) AP was 18 months when she had her pic in it. Oh, and sorry to hear about the shingles :(

Betsy said...

The people of Kyrgyzstan would be very glad to see the outfit with the little horses on it!

Great finds, Maria! I'm so JEALOUS!!! I need a big consignment sale like that where I live, oh and a grocery store that will double coupons too!!

Dee'Anna said...

Hey I think it is so funny, But you bought 2 outfits that was Addie's lol!!!! Next time I am going to have you come to the house before I put all Addie's stuff in the sale... I wonder how much stuff you bought of Addie's..