Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Consignment - OY!!!

I've spent the better part of Monday and several hours here and there getting ready for the Encores and More North consignment sale. I didn't know we had so much stuff in our house. No wonder we don't have room to move!

I've made one trip already with some clothes and various other smaller things (a large storage tub full) this weekend when I worked. Tomorrow I'm going to try to haul all the following things in. Who thinks it will take more than one trip?? Me.

  • Two exersaucers (one is a friend's that I had borrowed and I'm taking to the sale for her)
  • A high chair (another friend's who let me borrow so I'm just taking to the sale for her)
  • A bouncy seat
  • A large tub of Josh's toys he wanted to get rid of
  • A large tub of Ellie's "stuff"
  • A large tub of clothes (overflowing too)
  • Three airline carrying bags for strollers and carseats
  • A carseat
  • A playmat (also a friend's taking it for her since she let me borrow it)
  • A crib (*sigh* Josh's that I kept for 11 years that is just taking up attic space)
  • A bag of shoes (yes, I said bag -- sad)

I have two tubs of Josh's toys that I found in the attic that now need cleaning to see if Ellie has any interest in them. If not, I'll take them during restock on Monday/Tuesday. I also have one of Josh's strollers that has stains on the seat covers. I'm going to try to wash it to see if I can get it clean. If it comes clean, it will go off to the sale as well.

Things I have my eye on at the sale (so far):

  • An Elmo table with two chairs as Ellie is starting to like to draw and sit in chairs
  • A "dollhouse" style bookcase (that closes up and could be used, I suppose as a dollhouse)
  • An ironing board/iron (maybe/maybe not -- still debating)
  • Several pairs of CUTE CUTE shoes (can a girl have too many???)
  • Little People playsets (I might put these up until Christmas -- several sets have never been opened)
  • POSSIBLY an art easel that you can draw on and chalk on, but I think it might be too soon??? Still debating that. Others who have children a bit older should comment on when that might be a good toy.
  • CLOTHES -- I have seen some of the most incredibly cute clothes come through the doors when I was working.
  • POSSIBLY a pink bean bag ($5!!!!)
  • Books
  • DVDs - not a bunch though as we already have tons from Josh, but maybe some girly ones
  • A Princess style vanity and stool (plastic of course) ($7!!!)
  • Christmas outfit
  • Halloween costume (what WILL she be this year???) I haven't been through her sizes yet to see what's available.

That's pretty much it. With my worker credit, I'm hoping to basically "trade" that for my "goodies". And no, there is nothing on the list for Josh. There is little that Josh would be interested in here AND he has a $50 worker credit that he is going to use for video games and DVDs (per his statement).

I'm back to getting this stuff ready and adding the last few tags. Then, I'm off to bed. I'm tired!!

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