Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's "Our" Fairest of the Fair

Well, after much preparation for the fair last night, we were so sad that our very beautiful Ellie-belle did not place in the baby pageant last night.

We rolled her hair as soon as we got home and let her play while she was "setting". Ellie did great with rolling again and patted her hair again calling it a "hat". Thank goodness she didn't try to pull them out either. We had great results this time (since I got some great tips from friends on Facebook) with cute little tight curls all over her head. She reminded me so much of Anara.

We didn't get dressed on the way there for fear of getting something on her dress. Mom has a friend that lives next to the fairgrounds and we were able to park close and get dressed there. The pageant was outside and it was smouldering hot and very humid. We were told to be there by 6:00 and that the pageant started at 6:30. Well, it did start at 6:30, but Ellie's age group didn't start until much closer to 7:30. Poor baby was outside and her curls were falling out and she wanted to play and was in her "fancy duds" and couldn't. As it eeked closer to bedtime, we got more and more worried that we'd near meltdown.

Fortunately, she did great on the "runway" and she say Aunt Jennifer and MeeMee and waved and smiled. There were 18 girls in her group, and partial as I am, I thought she was the most beautiful little girl there!! However, apparently the judge's did not as she didn't win or get runner up. I suspect it had something to do with the fact that during "callbacks", she was tired, grumpy and there were too many people in her way and she just melted on the stage and cried and cried. Poor baby.

After the pageant, she and daddy went home to get in the bed and I stayed with Josh and Braiden while they played and enjoyed the fair.

MeeMee has pretty much all the rest of the pictures so I should get them this afternoon/evening and I'll post then.


Anonymous said...

Even without seeing her "competition" I would say the judges missed the mark! She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She looks so beautiful with those curls!! I can't believe that she didn't place. The judges needed glasses!

Lori said...

Oh those curls are sweet and they do resemble Anara's!!! Maybe next year she'll be a little less tired and grumpy...why they make the littles' events so late is beyond me!