Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair Styling May Not Be My Calling

Tomorrow night "The Princess" is going to be in the local fair's baby pageant. Well, in preparation I thought it might be good to do a "test roll" of her hair tonight to see what it looks like. Good thing. Josh was in the fair when he was about 10 months old. He came in second place in his age group -- right after Kaitlin Andrews, our friend's daughter. He said tonight, "Well, I hope she doesn't beat me." HA!! He still has his trophy from that in his room. *sigh* Hopefully, Ellie will come in second too and I won't have to hear Josh's feelings being hurt now or Ellie's being hurt later if she doesn't.

I stopped at the Family Dollar and got some little sponge rollers. All prepared after bath time, I plopped her in the sink and gave her some things to play with and began rolling. It was apparent early on that I didn't really have enough small rollers. However, this was after all a "test roll" so I rolled until I ran out and set her down to "set".

There are some cute pix of her with her rollers in. Funny, sweet girl!! Josh cackled when he saw her. She loved it and kept patting her head and saying, "Hat". Ha! After taking them down, the curls was really nice, but, well.... open spaced and lumpy. I obviously needed to use much smaller pieces of hair and a LOT more rollers -- sort of reminiscent of a perm, I think. She ended up looking like the Flying Nun, with curls poking out from both sides. She didn't care though and went right on off to sleep.

We are going to need to start earlier tomorrow and roll a LOT more rollers in her hair. I suppose I will take them out before we go -- even though I didn't want to for fear the curls will fall out -- because I'm afraid it will be awful and we'll just need to go with her normal look (which is cute too, of course!!).

Stay tuned. (And yes, some of my pix are blurry. I used my work camera and not my good one).


Jackie said...

I love it. You did a fine job with her hair. Maybe you can mist a bit of hairspray on the hair while in the rollers...that might help them set and stay.

Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to hear all about it ;)

I love the last picture...so cute.

Anonymous said...

I think she's precious and if she doesn't win first place the judges must be blind!

Marcy said...

So cute!! She's adorable!!