Monday, August 10, 2009


All of a sudden Ellie has become a little sponge for learning new things. Each day we see her developmental progress just grow a little more. Today, when we got home from taking Josh to school, she walked over to the "Cat Alert" sticker on the front door, pointed to the cat and said, "Cat". Now she can't pass it without pointing out that it's a "cat".

Later this morning, she was eating a banana and I showed her the sign for "banana". When she wanted more of it, I told her to "Show me banana" and she promptly signed for banana. She has also picked up the sign for dog in the last few days.

She makes the funniest "kissing" noises at everything now -- calling the cat or dog, air kissing to us. She has a new funny wave too and she waves at any opportunity -- hello, good bye, leaving the room -- whatever. Tonight when we picked up Braiden, Kirstin and Josh, she kept yelling at Braiden, "Hey, Hi!!" until he finally realized she was talking to him. He was amazed. :-)

Tonight, when it was time to take Josh to football practice, I asked her to give me a kiss and she leaned her jaw over to me did "air kisses" to me and then waved at me over her daddy's shoulder as she left. HA!!

She has also begun to realize that there might be things on a fork she might not like. Tonight she had some rice with chicken, corn, black beans and tomatoes and if there was any hint of tomato or chicken on the fork she would flip her hand at me (as if shooing it away) until I got it off and only then would she eat it. What a prima donna, huh?

I've also started calling her Mari*lyn Mon*roe as she love, love, loves to sit over the air conditioner vent and let her hair blow wildly while playing. She has done it several times now, her wispy brown hair flying. If she had a flowing skirt, I am certain she would give us the infamous MM over a subway vent pose.

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