Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joelton Vikings Defeat Portland Panthers in Season Opener

Josh's football team had their first season game on Saturday against the Portland Panthers. My goodness there were some big, big boys on that team's line. I suspect some of them were as big as adult men. However, they were just no match for our team and the final score was 28-8. I was excited to get to use my new camera (some have asked, it's a Canon digital Rebel EOS XSi) on game day and I was certainly not disappointed with the pictures I came away with. I did tweak the color some using Photoshop Elements 3.0, but I probably would do that regardless -- I'm just a weirdo like that. I can't wait to see how the boys do this season. It would be great for them to go to the SuperBowl again, but I suppose I'm getting my cart before my horse.

If you are interested in wading through the 393 (yes, 393) photos I took, they are located here. Otherwise, here are some of Josh and Ellie (and even Kevin!!)

Ellie before the game. I bought this little cheerleading outfit years ago when we logged in for China because Josh has played for the Vikings since he was 6 years old. Their colors are purple and gold. I found this little number at Kmart, in purple and yellow, for $7.99 (amazing that I still remember how much it was). I know because I got it, went to the bathroom and someone took it out of my cart and I had to go look and look through the clearance items again for another one. I'm so glad it fit her this year!

Josh before the game. The next picture is of his helmet, the same one he used last year -- notice all the scratches and marks on it -- from his defensive work last year.

SEE -- I told you those kids on the line were huge!! Josh is not a short or small kid. This kid made him look like a dwarf.

Josh grabbed on to this kid, who was carrying the ball, and didn't let go until another Viking came along to help take him down. Way to go, Josh!!

His mouthpiece is already chewed into bits and this is the first game -- and those things aren't cheap. We regularly go through 2-3 a season from where he chews them up.

And, this is Ellie after the game -- exhausted -- with babysitter extraordinare, Casey!

And this is Josh after the game -- looking pretty exhausted too!

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Becky said...

Well if you need Vikings wear, I'm in MN and I'd be happy to pick some stuff up for you! :) Can't walk 10 steps without finding something Vikings for sale here! LOL